MBA of Texas November 2018 Mission Reports


MBA of Texas November 2018 Mission Reports


November 1st balance: $39,481.70/ Offering: (including  $13,216.82 Minute Fund) $33,462.99/ Missionary Support: $12,050/ Admin. Salary: $2,600/ Expense: Minute Fund-$8,211.32/ General Fund-$2,017.70/

November 30th balance: $48,065.67                           (Minute Fund $10,884.70)


Saved: 2   Baptized: 1   

          State Missions was shared with Unity MBC in Richwood. We want to thank the MBA of Texas churches for supporting State Missions throughout the year.  

          The 2018-19 Missionaries and monthly support are: Joe Bozarth-$2,000; Steven Haney-DF; David Smith-$2,850; Don Trussell-$2,600; Leland Acker-$1,500; Glenn McCarver-$2,000; Victor Rice-$1,600; and Daniel Tijerina-$1,000. 


Donald Trussell- Kerrville- Hill Country MBC

Thanks: It was good to fellowship with our brothers and sisters at the MBA of Texas state meeting. Many thanks to the messengers who voted to support me for another year as a State Missionary. Keep the work in Kerrville in your prayers.

          The day after we returned from the meeting, our neighbor, Nancy, who I asked you to pray for, passed away. Keep the McDaniel family in prayer, as many are not saved. We are praying Nancy’s testimony will lead them to Jesus.

Stats: Our averages were; 10 in SS; 10 in MW; 12 in EW; and 13 in Bible Studies. Our offering was $857 with $150 given to missions and $300 paid on rent.

          A new woman, Jennifer, joined our Lady’s Bible Study this month. Pray she continues to attend. Keep Tammy, in your prayers. We haven’t been able to lead her to the Lord. It seems Satan just throws so many things in her path that hinders her from getting saved. May God bless you all for your prayers and support!


Victor Rice- San Antonio- Shiloh MBC

Saved: We give the Lord all glory for this month. The Lord started the month with a blessing of a lady who came to accept Jesus as Savior and requested baptism. The second blessing came at the State Meeting when the messengers voted to support Shiloh MBC for the upcoming year. We are thankful to our Lord.

Stats: Our averages were; 12 in SS; 21 in MW; 12 in EW; and 20 on WE. Our offering was $3,743 with $561.57 given to missions, and $1,200 for rent.

          In closing the month we drove to Missouri for Sis. Ramona’s oldest brother’s funeral. I am thankful her mother ask me to bring the message to a large family. My prayers are that some hearts were changed. Sis. Gracie went in for hernia surgery, so keep her in prayer as she recovers.


Joe Bozarth- Conroe- Fellowship MBC

          I was looking for Nov. to be a slow month because of the holiday. However, for everyone leaving town, we had others come in and our attendance rose. We enjoyed the State Meeting. Bro. John and Unity MBC was a wonderful host.

Stats: Our averages were; 12 in SS; 14 in MW; 11 in EW; and 9 on WE. Our offering was $4,416 with $465.60 given to missions, $2,006.75 paid on the loan.

Visitors: November was hectic because those who came were visitors of our family. Thanksgiving is a time for families, and ours made it special. A couple of prospects visited. We are glad God still remembers to send those we contact.

Soaked: October ended with a great time since we hosted a “Trunk or Treat”. However, it rained the entire evening. Some of us were soaked and some missed it because the building has a drive through that was attached for banking when we purchased it. We converted it for the Mission and some of our folks were in the dry. They took pictures of the children and we got names and addresses in order to send mail to them. Another way to reach into the gated communities.


Daniel Tijerina- McAllen- A New Beginning BC

Thanks: I want to thank the MBA of Texas for voting to partner with Unity MBC and A New Beginning BC in the upcoming year.

Attending: At this time we are meeting in homes on Wednesday’s and Sunday’s. We are averaging 40 in Sunday Worship. In November we had 2 mothers to visit with us, who also brought their 4 children. Keep them in your prayers.  

Location: We are praying for and looking for a meeting place. Help us by praying for this matter. Our services include Sunday school, Worship, Preaching, Prayer services, and fellowship. We had a Thanksgiving meal Nov. 24th with a good turnout. For Christmas we are preparing a play along with food and fellowship.


Leland Acker- Early- Life Point MBC

Thanks: Thank you to the messengers of the MBA of Texas for continuing to financially support this ministry for one more year. This mission project has been a long-term effort to establish a self-supporting local New Testament Church, and you all have supported us every step of the way. We anticipate we will make significant progress this year, growing and maturing into a self-supporting church.

Visitors: In November, we saw 1 first time visitor, 2 repeat visitors, and are currently ministering to a few others in hopes of seeing them rededicate their lives, or, come to know Jesus as Savior. We are also working to organize our youth and children’s ministries, now that we are in the new building, and we are working on an outreach strategy for the new apartment complex that opened up near us.

Stats: Our averages were; 18 in SS; 20 in MW; and 10 in outside Bible studies. Our offering was $2,206 with $300 given to missions.

Strategy: For December is to do outreach at Christmas festivals, and contact people directly to invite them to church. Thank you for your prayers and support.


Steven Haney- Lubbock- MBSF

Slow: November is always a slow month for college ministry due to Thanksgiving and midterms. December won’t be any better meeting wise due to holidays. Students were finishing labs and attending study groups for midterms. One student has surgery requiring several days of recovery. We did not meet Thanksgiving week due to students leaving. We still had several bible studies maintaining an average of 3 in our Sunday and Wednesday classes. I planned on making the state MBA meeting but was unable to make it. We missed being there and getting to see everyone. We received about $2,655 in support this month from churches and individuals and are trying to get other churches/individuals involved to get our monthly support up to $4,500. That would allow $3,000 per month for me to go full time, pay child support, and leave $1,500 for mortgage payment on a MBSF property, monthly bills, printing cost, the campus paper, and miscellaneous expenses. We currently have 3 tech students of the 5 we need to get registered on campus, and praying we will have the other 2 by our spring semester. It’s been harder to get the 5 than I ever thought. I believe the 5 student bump is the biggest uphill hurdle for us and hopefully the doors of getting registered will open on campus making it easier to reach students. Pray for us as we try to get churches on board with monthly support and we will get registered on campus. Thank you for your prayers and support. If you want to learn more, call me at 903-722-1545.


David Smith- Mansfield- Lifeline BC

50th: The last 2 weeks of November Alice and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary and took a vacation.

Ministers: The intern working with us, Britt Farley, led the church while we were gone. We were blessed by the ministry of David Fogarty and his wife Kathy during the month.

Stats: Our average was; 26 in MW with at least 3 first time guests. Praise God for the 1 soul saved. Our offering for 3 weeks was $1,617. First time visitors were a result of our door-to-door outreach. Blessings to all of our friends and supporters!!


Glenn McCarver- El Paso- Borderland BC

First Baptism: We were blessed to announce we have been able to conduct our first baptismal service. Our oldest son, Ethan, accepted Jesus as His Savior in July. We had prayed about this for a while. After a busy summer, we found a church that graciously allowed us to use their facilities to baptize him. There was a total of nine to witness the first baptism of Borderland BC! Praise God for His blessings from the very beginning of the work here.

Richard: The first Sunday of November, we had a first-time visitor, Richard. I invited him while driving for Uber. During the service, he seemed reserved. Shortly afterwards, I received a text from him saying he enjoyed the service, but wanted to get together to discuss some things. I went expecting to talk about salvation, but that wasn’t what he wanted to discuss. We met at a restaurant and he told me about his life. After talking, I realized, even though he claims to be saved, his life doesn’t reflect it. Keep him in your prayers for God’s will in his life.

Stats: The average for Borderland BC were; 7 in EW; 6 in Bible study. Praise God for 1 baptism, 1 first time visitor and 1 repeat visitor.

Thank You: Last year, I was nominated by the Southwest Association Ladies Auxiliary for the state goal. I was highly honored for our young work to even be considered. With prayer, Sis. Betty Shaw and the ladies of our local association, we were selected as the 2018 goal. We were thrilled when we were presented the offerings from this past year. We want to thank Sis. Judy Thompson for the promotion of our work. Her tireless effort even in the face of illness is a true inspiration. I ask you to keep the 2019 goal (Bro. Juan Gallegos) in your prayers. Thank you so much to all who gave. It is a blessing that will reap eternal rewards