MBA of Texas October 2018 Mission Reports

MBA of Texas October 2018 Mission Reports


October 1st Balance: $36,807.62 / Offerings: $18,765.96 / Missionary Support: $11,150 / Administration Salary: $2,600 / Expenses: (audit) $2,341.88 / October 31st balance: $39,481.70      (Minute Fund Balance: $5,879.20)


Saved: 1   Baptized: 1

          In October State Missions was shared with the: Mt. Zion Assoc.; North Texas Assoc.; Union Chapel MBC in Grapeland; Trinity River Assoc.; Hopewell Assoc.; Shelby County Assoc.; Emmanuel MBC in Greenville; Salem Assoc.; and the Central Texas Association.

          Be in prayer for the MBA of Texas Messenger Meeting, November 13-14. In the 2017-18 Associational Year there were 13 saved, 6 baptized, 7 joining by letter, and 3 joining by statement. Praise God for the 16 souls added to the different mission points.


Glenn McCarver- Borderland MBC- El Paso

First Service: We were able to hold our first service on September 30th. After months of preparation and prayer, it was awesome to see God beginning a new phase to our ministry in El Paso. We were blessed to have 1 first time visitor in our services. It was great to be able to preach the first sermon here at the Borderland!

1,2,5: Those are the number of first-time visitors we had the first three weeks of services. It was great after one visitor the first week, we had two the second week. As you can imagine, we were thrilled. That did not compare to the third week however. Right before our services were to start, in walked 5 first-time visitors! We were ecstatic to say the least. It has been such a blessing to come to the services each week and see more visitors that are coming for the first time! What’s more, every week the same visitors come back. Praise God for His blessings!

Stats: We had a high of 12 with an average of 9. We had 8 first-time guests.

First SS Class: The first Sunday school class consisted of 4 young children and their mother, Monica. Please pray for this young mother as she is planning to continue to bring her kids to church.


Victor Rice- Shiloh MBC- San Antonio

Baptism: We thank the Lord for His greatness. The first Sunday we baptized a Disabled Veteran who came forward earlier in the year. We thank the members of the Missionary BC of San Antonio for the use their pool for Bro. Henry’s baptism.

Sharing: We were busy attending the Navarro Count Assoc., the South Texas Assoc., and the Central Texas Assoc. We shared the Lord’s work and great messages and fellowship. We were blessed to preach at Faith MBC in Houston and Eastfield MBC in Mesquite and shared the work at Meadowbrook MBC in Wills Point. I am so thankful to share and preach.

Stats: Praise God for 1 baptism. Our averages were; 14 in SS; 22 in MW; 20 in EW; and 19 WE. Our offering was $2,375, with $339 given to missions and $1,200 paid on rent.

The Hurting: The third Sunday a woman and her son came and took notes during the sermon. Afterwards she said she was scared to come forward during the invitation because men hurt her. I told her Jesus loves her and would not hurt her. Pray that she puts her trust in Christ. She brought her 9 year old who has a lot of things going on in his life. Anna said she knows God was speaking to her, and wants to be baptized. Keep her in prayer that she will proclaim Jesus as Savior.


Donald Trussell- Hill Country MBC- Kerrville

New Friends: We had a young man, Jeremy, to join our men’s Bible study this month and started attending church Sunday morning. Remember him in prayer, as he is not saved. I made a friend named Collin. He moved to Kerrville from South Africa and is a Buddhist. I tried to lead him to the Lord, but he is staunch about his beliefs, so pray for his salvation.

          I told you about our neighbor Nancy getting saved. She has not passed away yet but her health has deteriorated so that she is hallucinating from the brain tumors. She expressed a desire that the Lord be merciful to her but she is afraid of dying. Pray for her as we try to comfort her now that hospice has taken over.

Yard Sale: We had a yard sale to raise money for a sister church in need of a new roof. Though we only raised $100, I thought it was a good amount for a small church. We know the Lord can multiply the money!

Stats: Our averages for October were; 11 in SS; 11 in MW; 14 in EW, and 8 in outside Bible studies. Our offering was $1,123, with $150 given to missions, and $300 paid on rent.

Fair Time: At the end of October, we had our “Living Water Booth” at the Kerr County Fair. I witnessed to several people and prayed with some about different needs they had. We started with 250 tracts, several cases of water, and a case of full sized large print Bibles. One man, Aaron, who was hurt in a welding accident and couldn’t read a regular Bible, cried because he got a large print Bible. He went away praising God. Thank you, to the MBA of Texas Ladies Auxiliary, who gave some Bibles that we were able to use for this. We gave out 150 bottles of water, several gospel tracts, and had 2 Bibles left over out of the case. Pray for us while we minister to people in Kerrville.   


Leland Acker- Life Point BC- Early

Plumbing Completed: October was a blessed month as the plumbing was completed and we were given the permit by the city to move into our new worship facility. Our first service was Sunday, Oct. 14th. Since then, we have been blessed with 1 first time visitor and a returning visitor. We still need flooring in the new facility. Currently, our floors are bare concrete, which creates dust, which causes problems for our members who have asthma or other respiratory issues.

Stats: Our averages for October were: 20 in SS; 20 in MW; and 10 in outside Bible studies. Our offering was $1,772.73, with $300 given to missions, $50 paid rent.

          We will be planning our new outreach activities within the next few weeks. Please keep us in prayer.


David Smith- Lifeline BC- Mansfield

Fantastic Friend Day: We weren’t sure Friend Day would be as good as usual since we just had our National Back to Church Sunday in September. But, in spite of the short time for preparation we had 37 to attend. We saw several new families attending and were very excited about this because our Friend Day preparation was very poor. God blessed anyway!

Britt Farley: Sunday morning, Oct. 28th, our men voted to give Bro. Britt a stipend of $50 a week. It was a step of faith and trust in the Lord by our church. Britt has been active with us all summer long and is passionate for souls to be saved. He tackles door knocking with determination and inspires me to go out as well.

          Britt will be helping in outreach as well as working with some new classes in the church.

Abundant Life Ministry: Charlie Ellison was with us training our people in doing ministry outside the church. Bro. Charlie was a blessing as we considered the options we have, to make a difference outside of the church building.

Stats: Praise God for 1 salvation. Our averages were 21 in MW; 7 in Small Groups; and 5 in Venus. Our offering was $2,384, with $300 given to missions, and $600 paid on rent. The church gives Bro. David $300 toward his salary and $150 toward his insurance.

Planning Ahead: Presently we are planning for our Christmas Outreach. Pray for that. Also, we will be having Financial Peace University during the winter and our first Faith Promise Conference in the Spring.

50th: Alice and I will be celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary on Nov. 17th. We are so excited about this great event. Our children from W.V. and VA. will be with our family here in Texas, and our church family. 50 years ago on Nov. 16, 1968 we got married and moved right to our apartment at Texas Baptist Institute & Seminary and started school.


Joe Bozarth- Fellowship BC- Conroe

Good month: We have had a good month filled with visitors. One couple from Nigeria, five from our area. One off the road driver who stopped to worship. Only, the five are considered prospects. Some have come back for the second time. We are looking forward to the Holidays. The mission is praying for visitors and we are expecting great things next month and as the year ends.

Stats: Our averages were 8 in SS; 10 in MW; 9 in EW; and 10 on WE. Our offering was $4,416, with $466.60 given to missions, $2,006.75 paid on the loan.

TRA Meeting: We hosted the Trinity River Association meeting and had a great time. Bro. Larry Allbritton brought the annual message and Darrel Owens the afternoon message. Both men brought encouraging and timely messages.


Steven Haney- Texas Tech MBSF Director- Lubbock

Changes: October was a good month and brought some good changes and hopefully ones that will continue. A couple of weeks ago we had a random student come to the Bible study at the SUB. When asked how he heard of us, he said he heard it talked about in one of his classes. He asked at the front desk at the SUB and they pointed him our way in the food/cafeteria area. It showed that some people on campus know of us and mentioned it around which was a great encouragement. Another student who has been coming told me her roommate was interested in coming and getting involved. If her roommate comes and the new student continues to come we will have our 5 Tech students needed to get registered on campus. Pray that these students will join with us so we can reach our goal and get registered by Christmas. Also pray for an outreach booth that we will be working on in the free speech area of the campus. This is one of the few ways we can reach the students, so please pray God will send new students our way.

New Supporters: We were blessed with newcomers to support this ministry, as well as the continued supporters. Grace Pointe BC, Pathway BC, Second Avenue BC, Ridgecrest BC, as well as an individual have supported this month as well as another church that voted to come on board. These are huge blessings and encouragement to my family in working at Texas Tech. We couldn’t do it without the generosity, support, and prayers of Quaker Avenue MBC. THANK YOU ALL! If you would like to know more about this ministry, call me at 903-722-1545