MBA of Texas August 2018 Mission Reports


MBA of Texas August 2018 Mission Reports

August 1st beginning balance: $33,690.82 / Offerings: $19,029.75 / Missionary Support: $14,050 / Adm. Salary: $2,600 / Office expense: $65.42 / Minute Fund Expense: $288.38 / August 31st ending balance: $35,716.77


Salvations: 1

            In August State Missions was shared with Lifeline BC in Mansfield, Journey BC in New Boston, Landmark MBC in Waco, and the Tri-County Mission Rally at Modoc MBC in Athens.

            So far, we have received 8 missionary request from the existing missionaries. If your church desires to sponsor a state missionary call me at 903-279-4416 or email me at

            The State Meeting will be held at the Texarkana Convention Center on November 13-14th. The missionary booths are free, but you might call Bro. John Bryant to let him know you need one.

            There have been 10 souls saved, 4 baptized, with 4 added by letter and 3 added by statement since November 1st 2017.   


Donald Trussell- Hill Country MBC- Kerrville

            Successful VBS! We had a very successful VBS this year with 34 in attendance; 15 of whom were children. We have followed up with the families of the children since then and are trying to minister to them and get them into church. Thanks to all who helped and donated materials this year!

            Stats! The averages for Hill Country were 11 in SS; 11 in MW; 12 in EW; 5 in outside Bible studies, and 34 for VBS. Our offering was $675, with $250 given to missions and $300 paid on rent.


David Smith- Lifeline BC- Mansfield

            Lifeline gives $1,025 for 100+ Kindergarteners school supplies last week! The school principal and staff were elated at our gift. We delivered the supplies and saw the faces of the staff. It was exciting!

            Lifeline breaks 20. It appears we are now consistently breaking the 20 mark in weekly attendance. Last Sunday, if everyone had come that normally comes we would have had 30! Wednesday small group now averages about 13.

            Stats! The averages for Lifeline were 22 in MW and 13 in Small Groups. Our offering was $3,188.40 with $300 given to missions, $650 paid on rent, $300 for the Pastor, and $150 for Pastor’s insurance.

            Venus Bible Study Starting Sept. 6th. We are handing out leaflets and going door to door in Venus, a small town south of Mansfield, where a lot of growth is taking place. One of our church families is initiating this effort. Pray for A.D. Silas, Schwane, and Evelyn Martin as they are opening their home to reach out in the new area where there are no churches present.

            A Christian Muslim Believer is helping us to learn how to reach Muslim people with the Gospel this Wednesday in Small Groups. Zia Hassan has been coming out to our small groups faithfully and is a tremendous blessing to us. Pray for him.

            National Back to Church Sunday Sept. 16th. Lifeline is getting ready to reach out and bring many people to church on the 16th. Folks are already getting excited for the big day. We will have hotdogs and hamburgers and lots of fellowship.

            City Reach+. Lifeline is gearing up for CityReach+ coming to help evangelize Mansfield Sept. 26-30. This will especially boost our continuing efforts at reaching the unchurched and the unreached. We are so excited about their coming to help us. Pray for them as they will need a lot of prayer. 


Joe Bozarth- Fellowship MBC- Conroe

            We have had a hard month. Like everyone else it has been hot. Of course this hindered our door to door outreach. We are still serving cold water at the concerts at the park. The city people seem to expect it now. And that’s okay.        

Visitors are still coming. We have two ladies that come every-other week and show a lot of interest. And I am still getting invitations to preach at other churches which gives me an opportunity to tell of our work. The mission enjoyed Bro. Danny Kennedy telling us of his new work at Clovis, New Mexico as a Missionary and we expect God to bless his work there.

            Stats! The averages for Fellowship were 10 in SS; 14 in MW; 8 in EW; and 9 on WE. Our offering was $4,050 with $2,006.75 paid on the building and $430 given to missions.


Glenn McCarver- El Paso

            I Can See Clearly Now. Last month we enjoyed our time at camp in New Mexico. Souls were saved, lives rededicated and one accepted the call to the ministry. From the time we left for camp until we returned, we could see a spiritual battle taking place in the life of our 15-year-old son, Ethan. He made a profession at the age of six, but we had been concerned that he hadn’t really understood back then. The day after we returned from camp, July 28th, I was driving when I received a call from Amy that Ethan wanted to talk about salvation (he wanted me to be there). I rushed home (I was about 30 minutes away), and I was blessed to help lead my son to salvation!! He told us after he got saved that he could see more clearly now. Pray for Ethan as he begins his walk with Christ.

            New Mexico State Association. I was asked to deliver the missionary message at the New Mexico State Association on Thursday evening. The following morning, I gave a report on our work here in El Paso. I said that one of the places that we were considering had been advertised on Craigslist for $750/ month. The rental property is in the exact location that we need to plant this church. It is located in the most densely populated zip code in the US (79936). As the meeting continued, it came time for the state association to decide where their mission development funds would go, they chose the work in El Paso. The total offering was nearly $2,500, and would be more than enough to pay for three full months of the meeting place that we found. Please pray for God’s direction as we secure our meeting place.

            Tyler! Sometimes when you drive for Uber, you meet some odd people. On the other hand, God will put someone in your vehicle that further confirms His leadership. I picked Tyler up at a mechanic shop. On the way to the auto parts store, he asked me if I knew of any good churches around. I told him that we were starting one not too far from where we were. He gave me his phone number to let him know as soon as we have our first service! Praise God for allowing me to be in the right place at the right time!


Victor Rice- Shiloh MBC- San Antonio

            Thanks! We give thanks for the ABA Churches of Texas that continue to support the mission work. We have been busy inviting in the neighborhood as we get ready to start Bible Challenge for the youth. We handed out over 200 invites to start in September.

            Member news! Summer time affects our church attendance due to vacations but we are very thankful when they return safely. We are very thankful for Bro. Israel coming back home safely after being with his dad for the summer in South Carolina. Our Silver Manor nursing home ministry is stable at 18 every Saturday and they are actively singing and inviting. One of the residence, Bro. Henry, who accepted the Lord 3 months ago, is awaiting baptism. Another residence, Roland, will be coming with him for Sunday morning worship next month, and we are praying for his salvation.

            Stats! The averages for Shiloh were 18 in SS; 23 in MW; and 17 in EW. Our offering was $2,236, with $328.12 given to missions and $1,200 paid on rent.

            We give thanks for Joseph filling in for New Life MBC as Bro. Stucky was in the hospital, and we are praying for his recovery. As we close the month we are praying and working toward a van that has a wheel chair lift to transport the two men from Silver Manor to Sunday services. Thank you for your prayers and support.


Cory Page- Plant Texas

            This will be my last report. The last month in Austin was busy. Leaving the field is just as hard as getting to the field. God blessed us in many ways. The time we spent with our friends and other ministers in the area was sweet. Being “knit together” in service on the field builds a special bond and they will be missed.

            Our house has already sold, without even being put on the market. God is anointing every step of this process. The move home has been pretty smooth. Landmark- Mt. Enterprise, our sending church, has gone above and beyond in their usual fashion in caring for me and my family.

            Thank you!   Many of you have reached out to express encouragement in this next phase of life. For that I am thankful. I covet your prayers as we reorient and wait on God to open the next door. If there was any question that we need rest, I spent the 2 moving days and the first week back home with pneumonia. God continues to show me that this time is necessary and I praise Him for His dear direction.


Leland Acker- Life Point MBC- Early

            Praise the Lord! We found out that we will be receiving the funds from Local Mission Development. The funds will allow us to install the plumbing in the new church building, which will also allow us to move into the building. Once this is done, we will have our own worship facility DEBT FREE! We anticipate the work on the building will be complete by the end of October.

            Stats! The averages for Life Point were 17 in SS; 18 in MW; 10 in outside Bible studies. Our offering was $1,786.20, with $300 given to missions and $50 for rent.

            Future Support! We will be coming back for another year of support from the MBA of Texas. We are requesting $1,500/ month, which is the same as last year. I believe that, with the new building, we will be able to do some things in our community that will reach many for Christ, and that we will see this work grow. However, for right now, we still need the help.

            Personal Prayer Request! Brothers and sisters, I do have a personal request. For 10 years, I have been on the field here in Brownwood/Early, and for 9 of those years I have worked bi-vocationally. This has been a rewarding experience and God has blessed it. However, the demands of my secular position are taking a toll on me. Therefore, I am asking that you pray with me that God provides a way for me to be able to leave the secular workforce and to focus on this ministry full-time. I can think of no better blessing than that. God bless you, and thank you for your prayers and support.


Steven Haney-MBSF Director-Texas Tech U- Lubbock

            Doors are opening! The last week of August was great. We were able to get a booth spot for the MBSF at the Hub City Fest which is an event where local businesses, non-profits, and student organizations set up booths for freshmen and other students to get their names out to the students. The event was on August 24th and we were able to hand out around 600-700 flyers and were able to get 120 names and emails of students.

            Prayerful signs! On Monday the 27th we held our first MBSF Bible Study at the Student Union Building and had 5 to show up including 2 new students. One was a freshman who had to leave early to finish purchasing her books but wanted to meet us and see where we held our Bible Studies so she could come back next week and asked if she could invite some friends. The other student was an international student from Nigeria, who was looking for a Bible Study and a church to get involved in here and seemed to enjoy it. We are making progress and it is definitely encouraging to see new students wanting to get involved. Please continue to pray for us as we try to reach more of the campus at Texas Tech so the students will grow both spiritually and numerically. Several times we passed out flyers as we got emails so we are praying that other students will have a desire to check out the MBSF and want to get involved.

            Churches & Individuals needed! We are still looking for churches to partner with us and we are so grateful for all the churches and individuals that have been supporting us over the past several months. Please know you are all greatly appreciated and a huge encouragement. Thank you and God bless!