MBA of Texas July 2018 Mission Reports

MBA of Texas July 2018 Mission Reports


July 1st Beginning Balance: $35,229.22 / Offerings: $15,249.45 / Missionary Support: $14,050 / Adm. Salary: $2,600 / Office Expense: (envelops & ink) $137.85 / July 31st Balance: $33,690.82      (Minute Fund: $6,082.58)


Saved: 0 Letter: 2

          If your church would like to sponsor a Missionary in Texas for the 2018-19 fiscal year, please call me at 903-279-4416 or email The missionary request forms are due Sept. 15th in the office of the Sec. /Treasurer.

          The missionary booths at the Texarkana Convention Center are free, but call John Bryant at 903-278-2690 to let him know if you need one. The host hotel is the Hilton Garden Inn (903-792-1065).

          State missions was shared with the East Texas Baptist Mission Council at Emmaus MBC in Lakeport, Unity MBC in Longview, the North Texas Ladies Auxiliary in Sherman, and Loving BC in Sherman.

          Since November 1st there have been 9 saved, 4 baptized, with 4 joining by letter and 3 joining by statement.  


Glenn McCarver; El Paso

No More Chances: Last month, I mentioned the greatest of news, the salvation of Manuel. Shortly after I finished the report, I could not find Manuel or his brother Chito. Almost every single day for about two weeks, we searched for the brothers, but to no avail. Since both of them were not in good health, we feared the worst. Unfortunately, our fears were well founded.

          Outside of Walmart, Amy found Manuel. She told him we had been looking for him for the past two weeks. As he answered, the sadness in his voice began to tell the story. Chito suffered a massive heart attack and passed away. We had all witnessed to Chito on many occasions, but he only said he hoped he would go to heaven. Unfortunately, he has no more chances to receive Jesus as his Savior.

Margarita: We recently were spent a day in Juarez, Mexico with someone we have known for many years, Margarita. She accepted Jesus many years ago when my brother-in-law, Ted Barker, was a missionary to Juarez. Since that time, she continues to study her Bible but hasn’t attended regular services in several years. She is a very sweet woman, and we very much enjoyed our time with her. While we were there she had to make sure she fed us (which she did seemingly all day). Even though it was simple food (rice, beans and corn tortillas), my son, Seth, said it was the best Mexican food he had ever eaten. Please pray for her as we hope to be able to begin Bible studies with her and her family.

Meeting Place Update: We have contacted two places about using their facilities for a meeting place. One was advertised as ready for a church to begin services! Please pray as God leads us in the direction He would have us to go. 


Victor Rice- Shiloh MBC- San Antonio

          We thank all the ABA of Texas Churches that support us in prayer and funding. The Lord blessed us greatly this month as we were asked by another church to help spiritually with a daughter who relocated to San Antonio and is a disabled veteran with a child who received 2nd and 3rd degree burns. All three of her children have been removed from her by CPS. We have been at the hospital with her at her son’s bedside, brought food, and prayer. Keep Rachael in prayer as we pray and be her support through our Lord and Savior. We also have a young lady with two children that has relocated to San Antonio who was beaten and abused. We praise God she has been attending regularly. We are also working out details for a man who is in a wheel chair that came requesting baptism. Keep Henry in prayer as we get this done.

          The averages for Shiloh MBC were 18 in SS; 22 in MW; 25 in EW; and 19 in WE. Our offering was $2,107, with $390.40 given to missions, and $1,200 paid on rent.

          We are doing VBS every Sunday evening for the month of July, and have 7 children attending. Thank you for your prayers and support.


Joe Bozarth- Fellowship BC- Conroe

          We had a good month for such a hot one. Our attendance averages does not reflect an amount that accounts for the number of visitors we have enjoyed. We had several visitors in our Evening Services as well as our Wednesday service. We also had visitors in every Morning Worship throughout the month. Our members have had a lot of sickness and disruptions in their families. The visitors have filled in the gap. We continue our outreach in the park summer concerts. The response has been good and some have visited.

          We had a strange visitor recently. He came in as we were dismissed and said the Lord told him to give us this. This, was a money order for thirty dollars and a lottery ticket. We have not found out if we are winners or not.

          We had 1 to join by letter in July. Our averages were: 12 in SS; 13 in MW; 9 in EW; and 10 on WE. Our offering was $3,495, with $374.52 given to missions and $2,006.75 paid on the loan.

          We are still in the progress of raising money to purchase the two-plus acres in the rear of our property. We still need $75,000. Thank you for your prayers and support.


Donald Trussell- Hill Country MBC- Kerrville

          We had several “divine appointments” in what I consider to be one of the busiest months we’ve had lately. We met 5 families and got to know 3 of them very well within the short time we’ve known them. Because of that, we had 7 first-time visitors this month and two visitors from last month who are still visiting.

          The averages for Hill Country MBC are 12 in SS; 12 in MW; 12 in EW; and 9 in outside Bible Studies. Our offering was $1,093, with $150 given to missions and $300 paid on rent.

          We had a family movie night in our home on the 9th, showing “The End of the Spear”, with 10 in attendance. Most of the rest of the month was spent on VBS preparations, door-knocking, witnessing and inviting. We used over 125 fliers for our VBS invitations and covered an apartment complex, the mall, and 2 other neighborhoods. Special thanks to James and Stacey Shields, who came and helped us decorate and set up for VBS; their help was invaluable! We ended the month with a VBS kick-off party, where we got to know parents and pre-register children.

          Please pray for our neighbor, Tammy, who we have been trying to win to the Lord. She lost her son in a motorcycle accident on the 24th and she is really angry and struggling. Please pray that the Lord will use us in a mighty way in her life. Please also pray for souls to be saved during our VBS. God bless you all and thank you for your support.


David Smith- Lifeline BC- Mansfield

40 Days of Prayer: Our 40 days of prayer campaign has ended and we thank God for many prayers answered. Those who participated saw God working in many ways. Several indicated a closer walk with the Lord. Several stated how our prayer campaign had stirred them to pray more and to trust God more in their lives.

Alice’s prayer answered: Her brother has just recently gotten saved. What a blessing! He lives in Corpus.

New Guests: We’ve had several new guests attending. One family of 4 came and indicated they may return. Others attended for the first time, as well.

Britt Farley Joins: Britt is a soul-winner and eager to serve the Lord. He joined with Lifeline 2 Sundays ago by letter. He has a heart for Muslims and we hope to make serious plans to begin this kind of outreach. We have another young man who also has a burden for Muslims, Bro. Stephen Davis. Pray for these two men as they may be the beginning of our Ministry to Muslims.

Stat: Lifeline had 1 to join by letter. The averages for Lifeline BC is 16 in MW and 10 in small groups. Our offering was $1,601, with $300 given to missions, and $650 paid on rent.

Lifeline Pays Pastor: Lifeline has been paying the pastor $300 a month, plus $150 for health insurance. Praise God for little steps. One step at a time and we will see Lifeline taking all of their church responsibilities as God provides.

Pray For:: Pray for us as we make plans for outreach to Muslims very soon. We have met a former Muslim who has converted to Christ. His name is Zia. He will be mentoring Bro. Steven, Bro. Britt, and myself on Sunday afternoons. Zia has a great testimony. He originally helped the founding of the first mosque in Arlington.


Cory Page- Plant Texas- Austin

          It is with bittersweet excitement that we officially announce that we are leaving the mission field of Austin, effective August 31st. The past five years has taught us more about ourselves, ministry, and the depth of our great God than we ever could have imagined.

          As we survey the ministry, there are bitter memories and sweet memories. The primary goal was to begin a church planting movement through our personal efforts. That was not accomplished. We praise God for the beginning of one church, Disciple Life Baptist. A secondary goal was to begin a movement towards Central Texas and the Austin Metro in the American Baptist Association. That has been accomplished. As we leave Austin, we leave behind multiple missionary families, with one other on the way. Every ABA missionary family in or coming to the Austin area is directly connected to our purposed efforts at publicity and vision casting among the churches of the ABA.

          God truly blessed us with the chance to share the gospel with countless numbers and shine the light of His great grace in a very dark place. We will always be affected by what we saw as God moved in the hearts of some that we thought could not be changed.

          We would like to express our deep appreciation to the churches of the MBA of Texas. The support has been much more than financial, but has been also through prayers and encouragement. Many have supported us completely from the beginning. To those, we give our thanks. Some supported us while apprehensively watching our methods. To those, we give our respect for the boldness to try new and different things to do this great and worthy work.

          God has done great things and will do great things because of the support of the churches of the MBA of Texas for the work in Austin. Thank you all and God bless.


Leland Acker- Life Point MBC- Early

          July was a month of transition for Life Point, and for me personally. We have completed all phases of the building project with the exception of plumbing and flooring. As I type this report, a plumber is working on an estimate for our building.

          We hosted the Southwest Association Ladies Auxiliary Meeting and Mission Rally on July 14th. We were able to hold the meeting at the new building, despite the lack of restroom facilities.

          The averages for Life Point were 17 in SS; 18 in MW; and 11 in outside Bible Studies. Our offering was $1,882 with $300 given to missions and $50 rent.

          On a personal note, I changed secular jobs. I went from being a talk host on KXYL to selling advertising for a four-station group in Early. Thank you for your prayers and support.


Steven Haney- MBSF Director- Texas Tech U.- Lubbock

          This month has been a busy month for us with church happenings. We had VBS and Church Camp, both were tiring as VBS and Church Camp sponsors know, but also rewarding.

          Texas Tech will be starting their fall session on August 27th so we will have our first MBSF meeting on that Monday night in the Student Union Building on campus. My plan is to start having a booth at least once but hopefully twice a month in the free speech area on campus in September. We only have the Texas Tech students that we do for this year and the fall semester of 2019 so I want to be able to make as much progress meeting new students and building new relationships as we can this year. We will continue to have Sunday lunches for the students as well. Pray with us that the students currently attending will see the need to reach out to others and that they will let God ignite a passion in them to help build this ministry up this year.

          God is already beginning to answer several prayers recently. Being able to quit my job has been a huge blessing and several churches have been stepping alongside us in support. Westwood BC in Odessa, Second Ave. MBC in Corsicana, and Ridgecrest MBC in Levelland as well as several one-time donations from individuals and churches have all been huge blessings for the support of the MBSF ministry, and for my family. I want to thank everyone and every church who has stepped out to show their support for us through monetary offerings and continued prayer. I want you all to know it is truly noticed and appreciated and we pray God richly blesses you all for your generosity both here and in heaven. Please continually pray with us for the five Tech students we need this year and that other churches will see the need and partner with us to help us reach the monthly support we need to purchase a property for the Texas Tech MBSF. If anyone has questions or would like to hear about the work, I can be reached through phone/text at 903-722-1545 or email at If any churches would like us to present the work we would be more than happy to do so whenever we can. Thank you all and may God bless you!