MBA of Texas June 2018 Mission Reports

MBA of Texas June 2018 Mission Reports


June 1st Beginning Balance: $32,294.25 / Offerings: $19,837.85 / Missionary Support: $14,050 / Adm. Salary: $2,600 / Office Expense:(stamps, Copy ink & paper) $252.88  / June 30th Balance: $35,229.22


Saved: 2  Baptized: 1

          We sent out the 2018 Missionary Request Forms to the existing missionaries in the last week of June. If your church would like to sponsor a missionary for the MBA of Texas please call me at 903-279-4416 or email me at The forms are due in the office of the Secretary/ Treasurer by September 15, 2018.

          The missionary booths at the Texarkana Convention Center will be free, but you need to call Bro. John Bryant to let him know if you want one. The booths will be in an insecure area, so you might keep that in mind. The Hilton Garden Inn is the host hotel at $105/night + taxes, and the number is (903)792-1065. 

          Since November 1st there have been 10 souls saved, 4 baptized, 2 added by letter, and 3 added by statement. 


Joe Bozarth- Fellowship BC- Conroe

          Visitors: This has been an interesting month. We started out with visitors in every service. Then the rains came and the visitors stopped. After Harvey the people in this area are somewhat leery of the storms. To make it worse, the weather man predicted greater than we experienced. Toward the end of the month there were several in rehab and or in surgery from our membership. So, we ended with the attendance down.

          Stats: The average attendance for Fellowship was 8 in SS; 14 in MW; 6 in EW; and 9 on WE. Our offering was $4,817 with $505 given to missions and $2,006.75 paid on the loan.

          Property: I think most of you know our need to purchase the property behind us. When we bought our building it set on one acre and was either building or concrete parking. In the rear of the property was a wooded area that was land locked by our property. The owner approached us to purchase the two-plus acres. We investigated the value and were told by some that the property behind us was worth three hundred thousand dollars. We made an offer of one hundred fifty thousand dollars and the owner accepted the offer. Through the several years of ownership of our building we understood that we needed that acreage. Also, if nothing else to protect the value of our land. So, we started a building fund and others in our area contributed and we also gave so we now have seventy-five thousand or one half of what we need. In order to purchase the land we will need to either raise the money or borrow the needed funds. We have until the first of September to come up with the funds. Our realtor tells us that it will increase our property value much more than the purchase cost. If you can help with this project you will be investing in a future project. We are located in the center of Conroe on the west side of I-45. We feel we have the best location in town. Thank you for your consideration.


Don Trussell- Hill Country MBC- Kerrville

          Active Visitors: This month we had 3 first-time visitors. Two ladies, Janice and Tricia, were glad to find out we have Sunday evening worship. They have visited with us several times and have even sung specials during our song service. We are happy to have new faces (and voices) in our services.

          Bless Ministry: In February I asked you to pray for a woman who I met during our Bless Ministry. She said she had never heard the Gospel before and wanted to know more. After going back to her house several times this month, she told me that she had thought a lot about what I said  about salvation and that she had decided to “stick with the philosophy and beliefs” that she grew up with. It was sad and discouraging, but we will not give up on praying for her and trying to win her to the Lord. Please cover her in prayer, her name is Kathy. Also, please pray for Mike Perez, who we met during Bless. He will be having surgery on the 5th of July on his neck.

          Stats and updates: The averages at Hill Country were: 11in SS; 11 in MW; 14 in EW; and 11 in outside Bible studies. Our offering was $1,012 with $150 given to missions and $300 paid on rent.

          We are glad to have Bro. Albert Roman back in church. He has been out for several weeks due to complications from Lupus and Diabetes. Praise God for his recovery! We also presented the “David Gardner Memorial Scholarship” to our graduating senior, Jessica Welty, on the 24th. We are so proud of this young lady and her accomplishments.

          I made a “rush trip” to Mississippi at the beginning of the month to take my nieces back home and to do a little bit of maintenance and yard work around my brother-in-law’s house, as both he and his wife are disabled. I also took him to the hospital for a minor surgery and radiation treatment. Please continue to keep Lewis Lee in your prayers. His cancer has spread into every one of his vertebrae and he is in a good bit of pain. God bless you all for your prayers and concern.


Cory Page- Plant Texas- Austin/ Georgetown

          Blessings: God blessed in June. We have now added a third bible study in our home. That means we have one church meeting in a home in Georgetown that runs 15, one bible study averaging 2 in Northwest Austin, and our study had 7 in my home. Each of these groups are in different parts of town with different people. Our aim is for the two bible studies to learn more and grow into churches. This is our first bible study in our own home since organizing the last one into a church and moving it to a different location. It was a blessing to have a long lost visitor attend our first meeting. She used to attend when we first started.

          ABA: We were also blessed with the chance to attend the national ABA meeting in Kentucky. It was encouraging to see so many old friends, and to see how many people from all over the world know about and pray for the ministry in Austin. Another unexpected blessing was the chance to visit with so many missionaries that Disciple Life has had the chance to support through its regular missions giving.

          Summer Slump: Please pray for us as we deal with the summer slump. The same slump that happens in churches also happens in new works. Many of our team members are traveling, as are we. Pray that God would grow these two studies and add to them so they might become 2 more churches.


David Smith- Lifeline BC- Mansfield

          40 days of prayer: We have already seen an increase of spirituality among our members. There has been a lot of prayers lifted up and a genuine interest in praying.

          We have also noticed an increase amount of opposition from the devil. We are aware of spiritual warfare taking place. But God continues to work among the people. Prayers are going up and prayer notes are being sent to friends for encouragement.

          200+ Door Knockers: Brit Farley from TBI has been with us an entire week doing out-reach almost every day. I joined him in the afternoons and evenings when off work.

          We did our follow up on Saturday last, and had a great response. Two guests came to our services, with more promising to come.

          There were 23 present last Sunday: We have been praying to pass the 20 barrier and it looks like it is beginning to happen. On to 50 by Christmas, Lord willing.

          Stats: Lifeline BC averaged 20 in MW and 10 in Small Groups. Our offering was $2,107 with $300 given to missions and $650 paid on rent.

          Praying for Souls to be Saved: It has been far too long since someone has been saved. We are praying especially for souls to come to Christ for salvation. Please help us pray for this during these 40 Days of Prayer.

          Ministry helpers: Ministry helpers are needed as we reach out this summer and then in the fall.

          Ministry helpers would be able to help us do the needed door-knocking and evangelism.

          Quitting My Bi-Vocational Job: I have given my two week notice to the dealership where I have been employed for over two years. God has used me there. We have seen several saved and coming to our church.

          I will continue to conduct prayer/devotional group every morning which has about 5-12 showing up at 7 AM daily. Pray for us as we step out in faith, fulltime!


Glenn McCarver- El Paso

          A Place to Meet: We are still actively searching for a place to meet. We have several families interested in meeting together, but we are in need of a central location. Pray that the Lord will guide us to the place He wants us to worship in.

          Manuel: Last month I spoke of Manuel and how he was saved. This month I report that Manuel’s brother, Chito, passed away from a heart attack. We shared the gospel with him, but he never gave us an assurance of his salvation. This has hit Manuel hard, not knowing if his brother went to heaven. But Manuel is still open to learning more about God’s word.

          The Homeless: We are still doing what we can to reach out to the countless number of homeless in El Paso. Pray for them that they will be open and receptive to the help that they are in need of, the Lord Jesus Christ. Also, pray for us, for we know they will not be open to the gospel, until we show them how much we care for them.


Leland Acker- Life Point MBC/ Early

          The Building: Construction on the church building has hit a standstill as we need more funds to finish out the plumbing. Cabinets, electrical, HVAC, ceilings and walls are fully installed. The parking lot has been paved. We are able to use the building for midweek Bible Study.

          Salvations: Two of my kids made professions of faith this month. We had one man come forward for baptism. He gave the testimony of his salvation, then followed the Lord in baptism. Thank you for your prayers and support.

          Stats: The averages for Life Point were: 18 in SS; 21 in MW; and 10 in outside Bible Studies. Our offering was $1,788.57 with $300 given to missions and $50 paid on rent. Praise God for the 2 salvations and the 1 baptism.  


Victor Rice- Shiloh MBC- San Antonio

          We were thankful for my family going to the ABA meeting in Kentucky, since my work denied me from going at the last minute. At first I was upset but then thought that God had a purpose for me staying.

          It started the Sunday prior to the meeting as the family was traveling on Father’s Day. After the morning service I was invited to a home for lunch of a visitor that has been coming with his family. I was able to share Jesus with a When sharing scriptures one of them realized the truth of the scriptures being shared, and their daughter realized the heartache she has been through. Then, on Monday, at work, a lady that works in the office and has a foul mouth poked me about being a pastor and leaving early for Wednesday evening services and asked how she can have God answer her prayers. I had the opportunity to share salvation with her, which I was thankful she listened with intent and realized she needed a Savior. On Tuesday I received a call from one of our member’s coworkers who had a family member to take her life at the age of 34. She left 4 children behind. I was able to share God’s word for comfort.

          The averages for Shiloh MBC were 13 in SS; 20 in MW; 18 in EW; and 22 in WE. Our offering was $1,812 with $1,200 paid rent and $517 given to missions.

          To close the month Bro. Justin from Alvin sent a couple of members to our church, as they were vacationing in San Antonio. They were a great blessing and had great fellowship with lunch. We also had one man announce he wanted to be baptized. He requested baptism in February but let his health issues get in his way and now he regretted his choice of not getting baptized earlier.

          Please keep us in your prayers as we have an opportunity to buy a church building down the road, if this is the Lord’s will. Thanks for your prayers and support.


Steven Haney- MBSF- Texas Tech- Lubbock

          Students: This June, even though school is out, has been an interesting month with a big change. We have still been working with the college students in town that come to our college classes at church and enjoying our time of fellowship with them. We are definitely ready for all of them to be back in town. 

          Step of faith: The big change is that I have taken a step of faith and quit my work at the bank. I put in my two week notice the first week of June and my last day was the 19th. I did this to enable me to have more time to spend on the ministry and with my family. We were blessed with Danielle being able to get a good job and so it wasn’t as big of a pay cut for us as it could have been. We are still just trusting God to provide what isn’t covered and to keep us all healthy during this time. We felt that it was time to just trust God to provide for us what we needed to be able to do what God has called us here to do; that was not working at a bank. After praying about it, we decided it was what God wanted for us. It was nerve wracking but God has been showing just how much He blesses those who trust in Him. We have had some churches step in for monthly support and several love offerings sent in the past month. The May financial report shows Second Avenue MBC in Corsicana has partnered with us for monthly support of $50/mo. and also sent a love offering of $1,100; Pavillard BC in Amarillo sent a love offering of $90; and Missionary BC in San Antonio sent a love offering of $500. We have also had monthly support from at least 2 other churches during this month and several other love offerings that will be included in next month’s report. We are thankful and blessed to have all these step up to help us with the MBSF at TTU. We need more churches to partner with us on monthly support and love offerings for salary and for financial support of property close to the campus.

          I am willing to come and present the work with all those considering support for this ministry. You can contact me at (903) 722-1545 or at and I will do my best to get back to you. We thank you for your prayers and support. You are truly a blessing to my family and to this ministry. God richly bless you all.