MBA of Texas April 2018 Mission Reports

MBA of Texas April 2018 Mission Reports


April 1st Balance: $23,470.12 / Offerings: $20,746.85 / Missionary Support: $14,050 / Adm. Salary: $2,600 / Office Expense: $0 /                                              April 30th Balance: $27,566.97


Saved: 2 Baptized: 1

          In April the MBA of Texas was shared with Kilgore MBC in Kilgore and Oak Grove MBC in Ore City.

          Since November 1st 2017, there have been 7 saved, 3 baptized, 2 added by letter, and 3 added by statement.

          Thank you for the $6,384.07 given toward the Resurrection Offering. Without this, the MBA finances would have suffered a loss for April 2018.  


Glenn McCarver / El Paso

          Shade Tree Bible Studies. As I mentioned in my last report, I have been witnessing to a homeless man named Chito. He has a problem with his lungs and ended up in the hospital. When I recently spoke with him, we talked about salvation and the free gift that was given to us through Christ. As I led him through what the Bible teaches about salvation, he agreed with me at every turn. I asked him if he had ever followed what it said, and he said, no. He then said that he would be interested in knowing for sure. I prayed with him and asked him if he knew where he would go. Unfortunately, he still isn’t sure. Please continue to pray for him that God will open his heart and mind to the love of God!

          Manuel. Before I left talking with Chito, I asked him if there was anything that I could pray with him about. He said his brother Manuel, was in the hospital and could I pray for him.

          Several days later, Amy and Cala saw a man that looked like Chito and Amy asked him (in Spanish) if he was Manuel. He told her, “Yes, ma’am.” She gave him a Gatorade, protein bar and a tract. He appeared happiest about the tract. She told him that we were praying for him and that Jesus loved him. Please pray for him as well as for his health and more importantly his salvation. On the 26thManuel was saved. Praise God!

          Blessings in Unexpected Places. Bro. Victor Rice asked me to visit a family who had lost their father here in El Paso. When I arrived, I introduced myself to the couple that he had mentioned. After a couple of minutes, I was introduced to her brother. We continued to talk about their father and their lives. When I was saying my goodbyes, the brother told me to let him know as soon as we have a place to meet. He said that they would like to attend! Praise God for His blessings in unexpected places!


David Smith/ Lifeline BC/ Mansfield

          One Baptized: On Easter Sunday we baptized one precious young lady named Gabby, 13 years old. Praise God for her obedience to the Lord.

          $500 gift for Lifeline: Last week a dear couple, friends of ours in Garland, sent us a check for $500. We were so excited that we could invest it in our summer campaign.

          40 Days of Prayer Campaign in June: We are looking forward with great anticipation that our 40 days of prayer campaign will move our people closer to the Lord and help each of us to experience true spiritual breakthroughs in winning people to Christ, discipling new believers, and seeing God work marvelously in changing people’s lives.

          Prayer Requests: 1. Pray for more souls to be saved. 2. Pray for more guests to come. 3. Pray our church group will be reaching out more effectively into their neighborhood. 4. Pray for a church van. 5. Pray for God to help us multiply our small groups.

          Stats: Lifeline BC had 1 saved, and 1 baptized. We averaged 20 in MW and 7 in small groups. Our offering was $2,347, with $200 given to missions, and $650 paid on rent.

          Facebook Livestreaming every Sunday: Bro. Mike is doing an awesome job getting us online with the gospel. We have had over 180 views on one Sunday morning from all over the world. Praise God for this opportunity to reach people.

          $10,000 Special Offering: Last week I received an envelope in the mail with a cashier’s check for $10,000. Wow! God is amazing. He surprises me more and more with His great providence. We will be starting our Land & Building Development Fund. What a fantastic Beginning.


Steven Haney/ MBSF Director/ Texas Tech. U. Lubbock

          This month has gone well for us. Since midterms had let up we have had most of our students making it back to the bible studies and to church services. We averaged 4 students and have gotten to see them get interested in several studies that we are going through both at church and school. They have also had more time to come to the Sunday meals that we provide at our house and it’s been a great time of fellowship.

          This next month, due to finals and the end of the spring semester, we will only have bible studies on the first two Mondays. After that the students will head home and the campus will pretty much shut down, at least the portions that are open to non-students. We serve an amazing God and several of our students have been talking to some friends and asking prayer for them so it’s not outside the realm of possibility that we could still get the opportunity to have new students at our last couple of bible studies. Please pray for us during this next month that we will be able to see God work in the lives of these students and that they will take the opportunities to step out and impact others for Christ.

          We are gracious for each offering and each opportunity to present the work of MBSF to the churches of the MBA of Texas. We are still looking for more monthly supporters to enable me to be able to be on campus full time and to be able to support the acquisition of a property close to campus. Please pray that churches will be receptive to this ministry and its need and will step out in faith to partner with us in this. I have a great desire to have more time to spend on campus throughout the week days to build relationships with students face to face and need the help of the churches to accomplish this. Our colleges are not a lost cause as long as those who still claim the name of Christ will stand and push forward for Him on these campuses. Thank you all for your support and prayers and if anyone wants more information I can be reached at (903) 722-1545 through calling or texting or email me at Thank you and God bless!


Victor Rice/ Shiloh MBC/ San Antonio

          We are giving thanks for prayers and support from our brothers and sisters in Christ. During the month of April we have seen many things in the work as much illness hit due to crazy weather. Sis. Montez’s dad passed away in El Paso. Being she also has a brother and sister in El Paso, I had Bro. Glenn McCarver meet them to have new contacts for the work in El Paso.

          We hosted an outreach for the community with Sis. Heather Smith with HRS ministries from Northside BC in Snyder to sing and have a BBQ. We handed out over 200 invites and only 2 came from Floresville and our members. We did have six join us for the BBQ afterwards. We also had one of our sisters that has COPD suffer with illness where her oxygen count was very low and in grave danger, but is coming back around after 3 weeks of treatment and much answered prayer.

          Stats: Our averages in April were 13 in SS; 18 in MW; 17 in EW; and 15 on WE. Our offering was $3,173, with $307.02 given to missions and $1,200 paid on rent.

          We closed the month by attending the Southwest Ladies Aux. in Andrews, where we heard a great message and had great fellowship. Praise God for all He does. 


Cory Page/ Disciple Life BC/ Austin

          April was a good month. We started the month by turning Easter into an associational fellowship. We combined services with Faith MBC in Round Rock, then had afternoon egg hunts with the Estes family. It is a blessing to have such good friends so close. Combining our services helped our house church experience a more traditional Easter feeling.

          The most exciting story of the month is about Alex. He attends a Disciple Life bible study. He is a Ukrainian who encountered some American missionaries before coming here. Even though he has yet to attend a church service, he is committing over $200 a month to missions in the Ukraine and wants help finding whom to support. God is moving in this man’s heart and good things are on the way!

          Our attendance is steady at 15, but others are beginning to express more interest in coming on Sunday. Pray for these many contacts. Thanks to all who prayed for my daughter Lois. She contracted a virus that led to pneumonia and spent a night in the hospital. Praise God, she is bouncing back quickly. God is taking care of us.


Leland Acker/ Life Point BC/ Early

          Attendance: April was a blessed month at Life Point BC in Early. We saw an increase in attendance and offering, and we saw massive progress on the new building.

          The averages for Life Point BC were 19 in SS; 23 in MW; with 12 in Bible Studies. Our offering was $2,391.62, with $300 paid on rent, and $300 given to missions.

          Building Progress: During April, we completed the installation of the air conditioning systems, made progress toward completing the installation of the ceiling and lighting fixtures, and saw the beginning of the construction of the parking lot.

          Building Need: The down side to the progress on the building is that we have depleted our building fund. We still need approximately $5,400 to go toward plumbing installation, and we still need funds for sanctuary seating and flooring. God will provide, and we trust that we will be in the building this summer.

          Futuristic: There are other exciting things developing on a Spiritual level, but I cannot make them public yet. Just know that in the coming months, I’ll be able to report some decisions that have been made for the Lord. Thank you for your prayers and support. 


Donald Trussell/ Hill Country MBC/ Kerrville

          Our outside Bible study numbers were up because the ladies began meeting again. The ladies were all glad to get together once again. Please pray that they can reach a lost woman named Tammy, who they’ve been trying to get to attend.

          Friend Day: We had our first annual “Friend Day” on the 1st, but the turn-out wasn’t exactly what we expected because some of the people who had pledged to be there came down with the stomach flu! We did have a good Easter breakfast with those that attended and we were surprised when one of the local mayoral candidates who I invited showed up to join us for breakfast. Please pray for Phyllis and Sheldon, who visited with us during the month too. They both would be good additions to our family and everyone really enjoyed them being in our services.

          Stats: The averages for Hill Country MBC were 10 in SS; 10 in MW; 14 in EW; and 9 in bible studies. Our offering was $1,196, with $175 given to missions, and $300 paid on rent.

          On the 9th, we had a “Family Movie Night”, where we watched the movie “I Am Gabriel.” We had 3 visitors that evening.

          Personal Prayer: I know I asked prayers for my wife several times this year, but I am asking for prayers for her again. After teaching her Sunday school class on the 22nd, she left and went straight to the ER, where they took her in for emergency hernia surgery within a couple of hours. She was not aware that she had a hernia, thinking it was just a pulled muscle. She let it go too long that it had developed gangrene. We were praising God that she finally went in when she did. The Lord has been so merciful! May God bless the churches of the MBA of Texas for your support!


Joe Bozarth/ Fellowship BC/ Conroe

          Kidz Fest: We experienced another month of preparing for the Kidz Fest that Conroe holds every year. As I write I have not heard the figures for this year, however, in the past years there have been from eleven to seventeen thousand people attend. We had 165 people sign up for the gifts we gave in a drawing. On the form was permission to come to their house and visit. So for a while we will have good contacts to make. We had, of our people working the crowd two ladies from Victory MBC, also our Pastor, Bro. Loyd Chittendon, from Pasadena Fellowship, our sponsoring church, came and worked with us for most of the day. He enjoyed the ease in which we could make soul talks on the street. He was amazed at how big the event was. The city blocked off almost all of the down town streets and there were hundreds of tents set up with all sorts of attractions for children. Ours, as usual, was well attended. We set up our little board where the men took turns being thrown at with a wet sponge. We often had ten or more waiting to play. Now the important part of reaching out begins. Pray, we are able to increase our attendance through the efforts of the people.

          Stats: The averages for Fellowship BC were 11 in SS; 12 in MW; 7 in EW; and 8 on WE. Our offering was $4,690 with $478 given to missions and $2,006.75 paid on the loan. Thank you for your prayers and support.