MBA of Texas February 2018 Mission Reports

MBA of Texas February 2018 Mission Reports


February Beginning Balance: $25,571.04 / Offering: $17,876.10 / Missionary Support: $14,050 / Adm. Salary: $2,600 / Office Expense: $209.61 / Minute Fund expense: $3,632 / February 28th balance: $22,955.53

(Minute Fund Balance: $6,012.58)


Saved: 2 Statement: 3

In February we shared the MBA of Texas at: Nevill’s Chapel Faith Promise Conference; the Central Texas Mission Rally at Crestview MBC in Arlington; at Union Cross MBC in Nacogdoches; the Trinity River Mission Rally at Good Shepherd MBC in Shepherd; at Rocky Springs MBC in Jacksonville; and at East Side MBC in Jacksonville.

In February there were 2 saved and 3 added to the missions. Since November 1st there have been 4 saved, with 2 joining by letter an 3 joining by statement to the different mission points.


Donald Trussell- Kerrville- Hill Country MBC

Our numbers were down this month because of a bad flu epidemic that hit Kerrville. Our deacon, Bro. Ken, was in the hospital last with pneumonia and then he and his wife, our pianist, both got the flu and were out for 2 weeks. I was not immune to the “bug”  either and we had to cancel one Wednesday night because there was only one person in the church who was actually well that week. Praise the Lord, though, that we are all on the mend! Please continue to remember Cindy, as she was diagnosed as being in stage 3 adrenal failure. She is pretty sick, but with the Lord’s help, we are trusting that He will bring her back from this.

Last month I reported that we had a new child to join Bible clubs and this month she began coming to Sunday School. Please pray that her mother will start coming to church with her. Please also continue to remember Tommy, who is still lost. I stay in contact with him and he is yet to discourage me from coming back.

Our averages for February were 9 in SS; 9 in MW; 12 in EW and 5 in outside Bible Studies. Our offering was $1,188.63, with $150 given to missions and $300 paid on rent.

I had several good contacts this month during visitation, but one lady in particular really stuck out. When I talked to her about grace and Christ giving His life on the cross for her, she looked shocked and told me that nobody in her church had ever told her that. She “teared up” and told me that she would be retiring this month and that she wanted me to come back and have a longer talk with her because she wanted to learn about this grace. We put it on the calendar and I promised I would be back on that date. Please pray that I’m able to lead this sweet lady to the Lord. Please also pray for our first annual “Friend Day” which will be held Easter Day. We have been working on this and praying for it for a couple of weeks, so that it will be a success and many will be saved.

God bless you all and thank you for your continued support.


Cory Page- Austin/Georgetown- Plant Texas

This month was different. Our Sunday numbers were down, because so many were out of town. We began the month with an unexpected trip to east Texas. Jessica lost an old friend unexpectedly, so we missed the first week for a funeral. Another week, the Pace’s missed because Suzie’s father was in the emergency room with heart trouble. Another week, the Shields missed to be with a Church interested in Alaska. And we missed another week because of a series of accidents on I-35 which turned a 15 minute drive into a 2 hour opportunity to visit with out children. Never a dull moment! The delivery job I mentioned in the last report did not work out. I was not meeting anyone while driving alone in my car. It did show me that there are creative ways to encounter people, so it was a success. Pray for me as I continue to seek ways to have quality encounters with the lost. Thanks for all who prayed for Jessica on the loss of her friend. God bless you all.


Glenn McCarver- El Paso

The flu: The month of February has been a difficult one health wise. The flu took its toll with our family and after 2 ½ weeks we are still trying to recover. Please keep Amy in your prayers as it has hit her the hardest.

Spanish class: I will begin Spanish classes on February 27th. These classes will continue through May. Pray that God will give me the remembrance of what I am being taught.

A place to start: Starting next month, we are hoping to begin canvassing part of El Paso with a Religious Poll. This will not only help us to make contacts, but also help us know how to pray for them as well. Please pray that as we reach out, that we will be able to see souls come to know Jesus as their personal Savior.


David Smith- Mansfield- Lifeline BC

Saved: I was privileged to lead a lady to Christ in my shuttle van at work. Pray she will come out to church soon. The first soul saved this year. Pray for more!

One ready: The youngest daughter of our newest church family has decided to follow Christ in Baptism. Recently the Adventists pastor offered us the use of their baptistery. Praise God!

Family added: Recently a family of four have been attending our church. They came as a result of our B.L.E.S.S. outreach ministry. They were given our door hanger back in November by our TBI outreach students and decided it was time to come visit our church. They are now members as of this last Sunday.

Our averages for February were 19 in MW and 9 in outside Bible study. We had 1 saved and another awaiting baptism. We had 3 to join by statement. Our offering was $2,667.69 with $200 given to missions and $650 paid on rent. The church pays $300 toward the pastor’s salary and $150 toward his insurance.

Ministry Developments: We are so thankful for several of our people taking on ministry and service. They have much to learn yet, but there is a willingness for which we thank God.

Denise is handling our church accounts as far as preparing our deposits to the bank. What a blessing she is. We’ve waited a long time to find the right person for this ministry in our church.

Van needed: One of our newest members, A.D. Silas, a preacher and former pastor, would like to start a van ministry in order to pick up people for church. He is actively doing outreach on his own and feels there is a need. We are therefore appealing for a church van to be donated to us if at all possible. Please call us at: 817-726-8781.


Joe Bozarth- Conroe- Fellowship BC

The month of February has, as usual, been busy here in Conroe. First, we set the date for the dedication for the building. Then we found out that it conflicted with another church and their plans. So, we set it again and once again another church was having an occasion. Finally, we had to go into March to get a date that did not bother with another church’s services and by then the end of the month was upon us and we had to rush to put everything together in time for our final choice of days. As I write this report it looks like all will be well for March 3rd.

Satan or something has dealt us hard times this month. We have church wide outreach on Saturday’s and every Saturday except one, it rained. The one that did not have rain was the Saturday of our quarterly Mission Rally. However, we have had several visitors and at least one couple seems to be good prospects.

Our averages for February were 8 in SS; 10 in MW; 8 in EW; and 8 on Wednesday evening. Our offering was $2,774 with $399 given to missions and $2,006.75 paid on the loan.

We have had several opportunities to witness to new move in’s. At the hospital while on a visit there I met two different nurses that did not have a church home. And there have been several times, just in my everyday moving around town, I have also reached out to folks who were new to the community. Being alert to those we come in contact with gives many great times to witness. Some might say the fact that there has been two full moons in February may account for our difficulties but we know better, don’t we?


Victor Rice- San Antonio- Shiloh MBC

We start with much thanks for prayers and support given to Shiloh MBC. This month has been trying. We were blessed as the preaching of God’s word resulted in one of the guest from Silver Manor Nursing Home, who comes to our services at the nursing home and our Sunday services, comes forward and called upon the Lord Jesus as Savior and ask to be baptized. We are so thankful that the Lord is still working. Pray for Bro. Henry so he understands the teachings of baptism.

Our averages for February were 13 in SS; 20 in MW; 15 in EW; and 14 on Wednesday evenings. We had 1 saved and awaiting baptism. Our offering was $2,087 with $242 given to missions and $1,200 paid on rent.

On February 14th, I had my second surgery for what was thought to be a double hernia surgery that ended up to be a triple hernia. The surgery has taken a lot of strength from me. Despite heavy swelling, I was able to preach the following Sunday morning service to which the altar was used heavily. That service drained me physically. Pray as the doctor said the healing process will take 6 more weeks which is a total of 3 months.

To close the month, the last Saturday I was ask by a retired doctor to visit a resident at Silver Manor nursing home that wanted to end her life that day from an ongoing broken heart. I am so thankful that I was able to share Jesus, and know He loves her. After sharing salvation, she gave a testimony of when she gave her life to Jesus during an open heart surgery years ago. We were able to share God’s love and had a heartfelt circle of prayer in her room and afterwards her and the doctor were so thankful that they witnessed the peace of God. We are her new family that love her. Keep Dora in prayer as God guides us to mend a broken heart. We give thanks to our Lord for February.


Leland Acker- Early- Life Point BC

February was another blessed month at Life Point Baptist Church (mission of Rocky Springs MBC of Jacksonville, TX). Attendance held steady despite adverse weather, and progress has been made on the new worship center. The walls are complete, painted and trimmed, with the interior doors hung.

The air conditioning and electrical fixtures go in this week, and the suspended ceiling will follow soon thereafter. The next step will be flooring, cabinetry, and plumbing fixtures. Then, we’ll pave the parking lot and apply for a certificate of occupancy. I feel we can accomplish this before our lease on the chamber of commerce building expires on May 31st.

Our averages for February were 17 in SS; 20 in MW; 10 in outside Bible studies. Our offering was $1,818. 08 with $300 given to missions and $300 paid on rent.

The congregation continues to grow Spiritually, and we are seeing God do amazing things among the people. Thank you for your prayers and support.


Steven Haney- Lubbock- Texas Tech MBSF

This past month has been full of sickness both for my family, especially my two boys, and the college students. This has caused our meetings to be somewhat staggered and our schedule all over the place. Please pray that we can miss any further bouts of sickness and get our schedule back on track. Not much has changed since our last report, we are still running those 5 students, still looking for 5 students that are attending Texas Tech to enable us to get registered on campus while still trying to gain enough support to go on campus full time. Its been slow going having to split my time between my full time job and the college ministry and still have quality time with my wife and boys. One of the biggest prayer requests we currently have is that enough churches will see the need of this ministry gaining traction and will partner with us financially in this endeavor.

My desire is to be able to be on campus during the day so that I can be there to build relationships while students are on campus and actually have the time to build up a campus presence. As it stands now, I can only be with the students a couple of evenings a week and only be on campus during our Monday night Bible study. If any church would like to hear more about the work we are endeavoring to establish here at Texas Tech I will be more than glad to bring a presentation of the MBSF. We covet your thoughts and prayers and am grateful for any financial support you can send our way. Thank you all and may God bless.