MBA of Texas April 2017 Mission Reports

April beginning balance: $18,855.86 / Offerings: $17,954.74 / Missionary Support: $17,000 / Adm. Salary: $2,600 / Expenses: $0 /

April ending balance: $17,210.60


We want to thank you for the Resurrection offerings sent to bolster the funds of the MBA of Texas. Thank YOU. If you did not send in a Resurrection Offering it is never too late to send one in.

State Missions was shared with Heritage MBC in Tyler; Lifeline BC in Mansfield; Modoc MBC in Athens; the Southwest Association meeting in Andrews; and Northcrest MBC in Andrews.

Since the 2016 State Meeting there have been 32 souls saved, 16 baptized, and 37 have been added to the missions by baptism, letter, or statement.


Cory Page


April was a good month. Different, but good. One Sunday, I was blessed with the opportunity to fill-in for Tommy Estes in Round Rock who was sick. It is a blessing to have friends in the area. Because of unexpected work schedules, we were free to celebrate Easter with our sending church and families. That was a double blessing. First, we were able to celebrate a “Sunday” holiday with our family, which doesn’t happen often. And, the Sunday scheduling mishap was the last straw for Suzi Pace who was working in Killeen. Praise God, she has already found a job in Georgetown and will be much more able to focus on sharing the gospel in this new area of focus.

I am proud of the work that Jim is doing in Georgetown. For men who are more pastoral in nature, being more evangelistic can be a struggle. With a little training and encouragement, Jim is learning to share his faith through one of his two jobs. I never dreamed that part of my calling would be to help a pastor learn how to evangelize, but many do not know how to share the gospel without a pulpit. I’m proud of Jim!

Also, this month, we will begin bible studies in Austin proper again. One previous member has begun showing interest again and will host this study. Pray that God would open doors through this person. While we are glad that God used our previous work to open doors in Georgetown, we also want to see a strong church in Austin. Thank you for your prayers.


Leslie Rhea


We have had a great month, hitting a high of 48 on Easter Sunday. It was a special day as we had a young lady come professing Christ as her Savior. We also had one of our young couples in the church become engaged and we ask your prayers for them as they plan their life together in the Lord’s service. Then on April 23rd we had another young lady come accepting Jesus and wishing to follow Him in scriptural baptism. We also had a little addition to our congregation as we had a new born added. On April 9th we celebrated the anniversary of the mission as Bro. Shane Wiggins brought a great message that blessed us all. We also had a great fellowship at noon as the ladies prepared a great meal. We voted to increase our giving to missions and voted to add our support to Bro. Kirklynn Usher and Bro. Chris Gardner as they attended TBI. This is added to those we already support. Please pray for these young men of God. The Lord is truly blessing us here and we continue to thank you for your prayers and support. Remember that those of you who pray and help support us are a big part of what the Lord does here. May God bless you all and please come see what is happening at Vanderbilt.

Praise God, we had 2 saved and 5 baptized. Our averages were; SS 23; MW 38; and EW 9. Our offerings were $7,504 with $895.40 given to missions, and $2,865.51 paid on the loan.


David Smith


Baptisms: Right before the worship service on Easter Morning we had 5 baptisms. What a day to remember. Each of the Baptismal candidates brought family and friends which multiplied our attendance for the day to 55. Praise God!

Added: Also, on Easter morning we were pleasantly surprised with 2 others joining with us by statement.

Worship & Fellowship: Our worship leader, Evelyn, did an outstanding job leading us in a lively, Spirit filled worship. Praise God we are seeing our membership take on leadership roles in our services. Bro. Curtis and Sis. Ruth Gilbert came and participated in our joy in the Lord. Following the worship service we had fellowship and a luncheon that was very well attended. We had plenty of food and a good fellowship. We also had an Easter egg hunt for the young people, and they really enjoyed it. It was a great tool to reach families with children. We had 13 children participating in the egg hunt, all of which who were in Sis. Alice’s children’s class during the worship service.

Answered Prayer: (1) We have a diversity of people who attend regularly with Hispanics, African Americans & others. (2) Our worship leader is a dynamic singer and knows how to lead others in worship. (3) Our members are reaching out to their friends and family. (4) We have a beautiful facility for our present needs. (5) We will have a summer helper, Kuni Oba, who will help us each weekend.

We baptized 5 and had 2 to join by statement. Our average in worship was 33 with a high of 55, and averaged 6 in small groups. Our offerings were $2,404 with $468 given to missions and $600 paid on rent.


Donald Trussell


A couple of years ago I asked for prayer for Sara and Jason, parents of 2 young girls that I led to the Lord and baptized. Earlier this month, Jason called me and asked me to come counsel with Sara and him about their spiritual condition. I am pleased to report that Sara gave her life to the Lord and Jason made a re-dedication of his faith that night! Please keep them both in your prayers, as they will be making a major move pretty soon.

We were blessed to baptize Cindy Lewis this month, who got saved in March. We also had Mike Reusser and Albert Romon to join by statement. These people have already proven to be good additions to the work, because they have really put forth a great effort in working around the church property, inside and out.

We also gained 2 extra participants in our Tuesday night Bible study this month. We had 21 in attendance at our annual Easter breakfast and everyone had a good time of fellowship and a time of reflection on what the Lord did for us that first Resurrection morning.

Please continue to pray for the ministry in Kerrville and if you are able to come out and bring a group to work a Witness Walk this summer, please give me a call at (830) 928-5885. May God bless you all!

Praise God for the 1 salvation, 1 baptism, 3 who joined by statement, and the 2 re-dedications. We averaged 15 in SS; 16 in MW; 14 in EW; and 12 in outside bible studies. Our offerings were $1,283.81, with $225 given to missions, and $300 paid on rent.


Joe Bozarth


April has been a good month for finishing projects. We have finished the outside of the building and we are getting a lot of notice. There have been some good things happening and some not so good. The fact that the outside is finished was a good thing and only God knows how much this will help in the Mission. I do know that in order to grow as we would like, it is necessary to have an attractive building. And we have accomplished that part of the project. Now it will be up to our outreach to bring them in.

As we began the building several months ago I loaned the church the use of a dump-trailer that I owned. We were able to keep it outside and load trash and haul as needed. It helped relieve the expense of using service from the trash people. Well someone decided they needed the trailer more than we did and early in the month they broke the lock and took it. Of course it is long gone and the police were not much help.

The mission is working hard on out-reach. We meet each Thursday evening and knock doors until the dark catches us. I have been told that this kind of out-reach is old fashion. But I have also been told that church is old fashion. Since we have told to Go, then we must Go! The results is up to the Lord. I can’t find a place in the Bible where it said to look for new ideas. Thank you for your prayers and offerings, may God bless you.

We averaged 10 in SS; 13 in MW; 10 in EW and 9 on Wednesday. Our offering was $5,116 with $536.60 given to missions and $2,006.75 paid on the loan.


Leland Acker


We had 2 first time visitors and 4 regular visitors during the month of April. Attendance is up. Offerings are up. Hope, enthusiasm and excitement are up.

We held our annual Sunrise Service on Easter Sunday, enjoying a record crowd of 34. We sang hymns, and I preached a special message for that service. We met several new friends, reconnected with some old friends, and enjoyed the presence of civic leaders.

Currently, we continue to hang sheet rock in the worship facility as time allows. I am also working to follow up with our visitors, and am building Grace Pointe’s digital platforms, including a podcast of our radio ministry, and a weekly blog. The podcast can be found on ITunes under “The Point with Leland Acker.” The podcast and blog can be accessed online at Thank you for your prayers and support.

We averaged 15 in SS; 18 in MW; and 10 in outside Bible Studies. Our offering was $1,956.13, with $150 given to missions, and $300 paid on rent.


Abel Oviedo


Greetings and blessings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Macedonia MBM: By the grace and mercy of God we continue with our mission to share the gospel. The month of April has been of great blessing! We had a total of 9 new visitors as well as 3 professions of faith. We also continue visiting on Tuesday’s at 5:00 pm as well as having home services, Ladies Auxiliary, Men and Youth reunions in which we invite new people to come and hear the message and it has been of great blessing.

Cuba: By the grace of God we were able to travel to Cuba on April 8th. The purpose of our visit was to, teach, witness, and share the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord granted us the opportunity to see the great blessing of seeing souls saved for His honor and glory! Your servant and brethren who accompanied me (Bro. Jose Poot and Bro. Francisco Martinez) came back with GREAT joy in our hearts.

Our plan was to give a series of studies. Bro. Jose and Bro. Francisco gave the study from 7-9:00 pm. Bro. Francisco taught Personal Evangelism, and Bro. Jose taught How to Study the Bible, and I preached the word of God. We praise God for 11 new visitors and for the good attendance we had. Moreover, many homes opened their doors to us and welcomed us and we managed to talk about Christ. We praise God for a total of 5 professions of faith and 2 candidates for baptism. Thank you for your support and your prayers. A new mission has begun 12 miles from this work and the missionary, Bro. Yasdai, and two brethren go to visit one day a week from 8 to 12pm. Please keep them in your prayers as the gospel keeps being preached in Cuba.

We want to thank all of you who prayed for us and those who also gave to us so sacrificially in love. We don’t deserve all He does for us and we are so very grateful for all of you. From our hearts we want to say once again, thank you.

Praise God for the 3 saved souls, for the 1 joining by letter and the 2 joining by statement. We averaged 90 in SS; 98 in MW; and 80 in EW. Our offering was $3,801 with $550 given to missions.


Victor Rice


I would like to thank all the Brothers and Sisters who are praying and supporting us for the work at Shiloh. I also thank all for prayers concerning my wife’s neck surgery. On the last Sunday morning of March as a pastor I received the worst news that a pastor fears. As my daughter was driving my wife to preaching hour being that the neck surgery recovery had only been for weeks prior. I received a call from my youngest daughter saying they had just been rear ended and that Ramona was in a lot of pain and my daughter said she was sore in her head and neck. I rushed to them and found out the young man wasn’t paying attention and hit at 45 mph into my daughter who was stopped at the stop light. My wife was taken to the hospital to see if all the work done for her neck surgery was damaged. It has been determined that the rods and plating was ok but severe muscle pain. It has set her treatment back at least 3 weeks. Keep us in your prayers as it takes a lot of time to care for her and working also.

The church has 2 families that have been coming and 1 family of 3, announced last Sunday that they were praying to join as a family and the other family of 4 also said they need to join. This would bring 5 more baptisms. Keep the Montez and the Hernandez families in prayer that God will keep their heart where the Lord wants them.

Our averages were: SS 10; MW 19; EW 10, Wednesday 14. Our offering was $2,590 with $198.56 given to missions and $1,200 paid on rent.