MBA of Texas July 2017 Mission Reports

(Corrected)July Beginning Balance: $28,424.68 / Offerings: $15,480.23 / Missionary Support: $15,850 / Adm. Salary: $2,600 / Expenses: $0
July 31st ending balance: $25,454.91


Salvations: 3 Letter: 5 Statement: 3

It is time for Missionary Request forms to be sent out. If you or your church needs a Missionary Request Form please call me at 903-279-4416 or email me at We sent out request forms to all the existing missionaries, and several of them have already made a reduction from their previous year’s request. The missionary request forms need to be returned to the office of the Sec./Treasurer by September 15th, 2017.


We shared State missions with: Fostoria Oaks MBC in Cleveland; Rocky Branch MBC in Naples; the East Texas Baptist Mission Council meeting at Spring Hill MBC in Pittsburg; Hopewell MBC in Gary, and Heartland BC in Longview. I also filled in at Overton MBC and gave an update on state missions.

Since November 1st, 2016, there have been 41 souls saved, 16 baptized, and 52 have joined the missions by baptism, letter or statement.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for supporting the MBA of Texas.


David Smith

Wedding: Lifeline BC celebrated the wedding of Schwane & Evelyn Martin, our first members to wed at Lifeline Church. It was a wonderful service. We had over 100 people present, so we know our little building will take care of the extra in an overflow area. We met many new folks, and made a lot of contacts. Only time will tell if some will return for worship another Sunday.
Schwane got saved in my shuttle nearly a year ago. He has been in church ever since. He brought his finance the next Sunday and she has been a blessing to us. She is a worship leader, and does an excellent job leading us. Schwane is already bringing devotions in the service. We are thankful for what Schwane & Evelyn have already done for the cause of Christ.


Outreach: We continue to reach out regularly, and are praying for those special persons of peace to come our way. I am thankful for Kuni Oba and Britt Farley for doing door-to-door outreach with me recently. A great blessing to us.

Salary: As you know, I am bi-vocational at this time. I am a porter and shuttle driver at a Hyundai dealership. I have cut back to four days or 25-30 hours. It is my prayer that I can leave my job sometime after the first of the year. That way I can focus entirely on the church plant in Mansfield. My church work is increasing. Also, the church voted to pay $150 toward my salary which will reduce the amount the MBA of Texas is paying.

Stats: Lifeline BC in Mansfield had 3 to join by statement. They averaged 36 in MW and 4 in small groups. Our offering was $1,466, with $200 given to missions, $650 paid on rent; $300 paid to missionary, and $150 paid on insurance.


Victor Rice

We give God thanks for the churches that support the MBA of Texas and the churches that are supporting us on a continual basis.


We are so thankful that we are averaging 13 visitors every Sunday morning during preaching hour which gives us a way to preach the Word of God and watch God move in their lives.

We are seeing some individuals talking about needing to join as we pray for them to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior and repent.

Bro. Hernandez is one of our new converts who made a profession of faith last month and asked to be baptized in 2 weeks and is praying his mom will come to witness his baptism being she is a Jehovah Witness, to see will see the errors of her teachings.

Silver Manor nursing home is doing well with 20 strong. We sent 3 campers to Bonita camp in New Mexico with the Northside BC group. Our preacher Bro. Joseph Rice preached at Liberty Chapel BC in Carthage, where he was well received with the message of God.

Keep both my wife and youngest daughter Stephanie in prayer as they received the results from the MRI from the car accident in March, where both are having injections placed in their backs from the damage.

Praise God for the 3 souls that were saved, and the 3 who joined with us by letter. Shiloh MBC in San Antonio averaged 13 in SS; 27 in MW; and 10 in EW. Our offering was $2,575 with $467.25 given to missions, and $1,200 paid in rent.


Donald Trussell

We had a ladies fellowship in our home at the beginning of the month and there were 6 in attendance. The ladies had a good meal followed by Bible study and prayer. We finished our VBS this month with an average of 11 in attendance each night. Please pray that seeds were planted in these children’s lives.


I took a vacation in mid-July and went to visit with my mother, sisters, and my wife’s relatives too. It was good to have a time of refreshing, but I was glad to get back to work in Kerrville.

Please continue to pray for our members who are sick, Cindy Reusser, Albert Romon, and also our visitor, Will Snell. We also covet your prayers for 2 up-coming outreaches that we have on the calendar for August and September. If you may be interested in coming and bringing a team to help with either of these projects, please call me at 830-928-5885. May God bless the churches of the MBA of Texas and their work!

The averages for Hill Country MBC in Kerrville were: 13 in SS; 13 in MW; 12 in EW; and 8 in outside Bible Studies. Our offering was $818 with $100 given to missions and $300 paid on rent.


Joe Bozarth

The final building inspection was scheduled for 7-28, but the city did not get to it. Now it is scheduled for 7-31. Thank the Lord for this final phase to be over. Thank you for your prayers and support.


We have had visitors almost every service this month. We are also having some first time visitors on Sunday Evening Worship, and Wednesday Evening.

I know our averages do not reflect the visitors, but 2 of our regular families have had a lot of sickness. I ask you to pray for these families.

Praise God for the 2 additions by letter. The averages for Fellowship BC in Conroe were: 13in SS; 16 in MW; 11 in EW. Our offering was $4,409 with $445 given to missions and $2,006.75 paid on the building.


Leland Acker

We purchased the material for the suspended ceiling in the church building. We also discovered a few leaks in the new facility. We will be sealing the areas where we suspect the leaks are coming from.


We requested TMD and LMD funds. Those funds will be used to finish out the building and pave the parking lot. Our goal is to finish the building, and then to come off of state support as the congregation grows.

Regarding our support from the MBA of Texas, we have reduced our request for the coming year. In past years, the MBA of Texas has been supporting us in the amount of $2,000 per month. This year, we will reduce our request to $1,500 per month. We can do this because we are seeing an increase in offerings from the congregation.

Things are going well at Grace Pointe. The people love to fellowship together and there is a sweet spirit among the membership. Thank you for your prayers and support.

The averages for Grace Pointe MBC in Early were: 17 in SS; 18 in MW; and 9 in outside Bible Studies. Our offering was $2,636.40 with $150 given to missions and $300 paid on rent.


Leslie Rhea

We have felt the summertime vacation season take its toll on us, but we continue to have a great time in the Lord’s service.


Everyone’s spirits are high as we really enjoy coming to God’s house. We are studying the book of The Revelation on Wednesday night and are having a great time learning.

We thank all of you for your prayers and support and ask God’s blessings on each and every one of you. Please continue to remember us in your prayers as we move forward for the Lord.

The averages for Vanderbilt BC in Tyler were: 21 in SS; 32 in MW; and 14 in EW. Our offering was $6,500 with $750 given to missions.


Cory Page

June was slow because of illness, but July made up for it. We began the month by helping the Jones family in Pflugerville. I was blessed to lead worship for their mission team made up of churches from Tulsa, OK; Eldorado, AR; and Allen, TX. Later that week, a group of about 15 came from my sending church in Mt. Enterprise to do construction on my house. It was a blessing to spend so much quality time with my home-church family. A week later, we were blessed with another mission team from Oak Grove MBC in Ore City. They focused solely on Georgetown. They gave away free carwashes, held a food drive, and did random acts of kindness in the city. We finished their time by having a hotdog dinner and church in the park. Three from the community came to worship with us. We hosted Norman and Heather Jones last weekend. Norman came to lead worship at the service in PF. We also hosted the Shields family a couple of times this month. They are going through the painful process of house hunting in the Austin area.


The GT bible study has averaged 10 this month. Pray that some from the 1,000+ people we contacted with the mission team would connect with us and allow us into their lives. The PF bible study has averaged 18. We were blessed this week with our first new family. A lovely Chinese family came because they saw a flier on their door two weeks prior!

Thank you all for your prayers in my illness. Please pray now for the Shields family as they look for housing. Their plans are to help us with both groups. Also, pray for the thousands of contacts made this month. Thank you for your continued support.