MBA of Texas November 2017 Mission Reports

MBA of Texas November 2017 Mission Reports November Beginning Balance:$21,749.70 / Offerings: $35,174.49 / Missionary Support: $15,850 / Designated: (Berean Bible Study) $100 / Adm. Salary: $2,600 / Office expense: $2,717.95 / Minute Fund expense: $8,543.12 / Christmas gifts: $2,500 / November 30th balance: $24,613.12 (Minute Fund Balance: $9,094.58)
Salvations: 2
The MBA of Texas Messenger Meeting went well. Thank you, pastors, churches, and messengers, for your attendance and your interest in all phases of mission work. The missionaries approved by the Messengers for 2017-18 are: Cory Page for $2,900; Joe Bozarth for $2,500; David Smith for $2,850; Leland Acker for $1,500; Donald Trussell for $2,700; Victor Rice for $1,600; with Glenn McCarver, Steven Haney, and Ricky O’Neal coming for Designated Funds.
Leland Acker –Life Point BC- Early
November was a pivotal month for Life Point Baptist Church, a mission work sponsored by Rocky Springs MBC of Jacksonville. We are thankful to the messengers of the MBA of Texas for approving our request for $1,500 in monthly support for Life Point. This request marks a 25% reduction in the amount we’ve requested in the past, and starts the process toward weening ourselves off of state support. We believe when we complete our building (which will be debt free), we will grow and no longer need financial support. Following the state meeting, we set our budget for the upcoming year. We’re doubling our support to missions, adding two new missionaries and increasing our support to state missions, TMD, and LMD. We averaged 20 in SS; 21 in MW; and 8 in Bible Studies. Our offering was $1,571, with $300 paid on rent, and $150 given to missions. We had a contractor submit a bid of $3,550 to finish the walls in our church building, and another offering to hang our ceiling. Both of these bids come below budget, so we expect to see progress on the building quickly. Thank you for your prayers and support.
Donald Trussell –Hill Country MBC- Kerrville
It was so good to see so many friends and fellowship with them at the MBA of Texas state meeting in Palestine. Thank you so much to the messengers who voted to support me for another year as a Texas state missionary. Please keep the work in Kerrville in your prayers this year. As many of you know, my wife was very ill the week of the meeting and was in the ER there for several hours. It turned out she had an infection in her GI tract and started on antibiotics when we got back to Kerrville. Cindy is feeling much better and appreciates all the prayers and love shown to her during the meeting. Please keep her in your prayers, as she is scheduled to have a total knee replacement on December 7th in San Antonio. Please pray for 2 men who I’ve been trying to lead to the Lord; Tommy and Anthony. Both of these men are in law enforcement and put their lives on the line each time they put on their uniform. I am praying that the Lord will put a hedge of protection around them until they can get saved. We averaged 11 in SS; 11 in MW; 13 in EW; and 6 in outside Bible Studies. Our offering was $927, with $175 given to missions, and $300 paid on rent. We closed out the month with a local singing group, the Cook Family, bringing us a Gospel concert on the 26th. We had 14 in attendance and enjoyed a fellowship afterward. May God bless you all with health and joy during the holidays!
Cory Page –Disciple Life BC- Austin
November was the tornado that we’ve come to expect. By the time we travelled to be with our sending church before the meeting, attended the MBA, and travelled for Thanksgiving, it didn’t feel like there was much month left! I would like to thank the messengers for choosing to fund us for another year. As much as we appreciate the financial help, it means even more to hear from those who love this ministry and want it to succeed. It is always a blessing to attend the meeting and reconnect with fellow laborers in this great work. The work on Georgetown is steadily moving in the right direction. The Paces and Shields are doing a great job assimilating into the community and building relationships. The Shields invited lost coworkers to Thanksgiving. The Paces have planned a “traditional American holiday meal” for Jim’s new Turkish friend. We are excited to meet this family as a church. I’m thankful for this team. I will continue to report the entire team’s work in order to give an honest report. Plant Texas is now more than just me. One benefit of a team is that we all carry some water. I have fewer stories to share about myself because, honestly, I am learning something new. The other families live in the community. I am trying to meet people in Georgetown while living in Austin. The long term plan of Plant Texas is to plant multiple churches. For that to work, I must learn how to reach different regions of the Metro area without buying a new house each time. Pray for me, that God would open up the right group, club, or part-time job that I can use to break into the community. This is a new method. But, if we can establish a method for doing it this way, we can learn to reach an entire Metro area with the gospel! The church has 15 each week. We have set a goal to have 30 regular attenders in a year. Pray for us as we reach for that goal. God bless and thank you for the prayers.
Joe Bozarth –Fellowship MBC- Conroe
November has been a good month in spite of no real increase in attendance. We had members in the hospital all month. Three or four at a time. Some as far away as the Woodlands. However, at one time, two in the same hospital with adjoining rooms, with another in the next hall over. That of course made it easy for me to visit. For all the time we have been under construction one of our elder couples have been in a special residence. They had to give up driving and we were not able to pick them up for worship. We did however take a group by and visit from time to time. The wife was moved into a rehab where she will be for several months. So, we were able to pick up the husband this past Sunday and he saw the building finished for the first time and was able to worship with us. He is excited about getting to come to church and we pray that his wife will become able to join in worship also soon. Our attendance has been 11 in SS; 11 in MW; 8 in EW; and 8 on WE. Our offering was $3,362.10, with $336.21 given to missions and $2,006.75 paid on the loan. I still go to Huffman and help with the flooded building every week and this is progressing. Pray for the folks there, that they may soon be back in their building. Thank you for your prayer and support.
Leslie Rhea –Vanderbilt BC- Tyler
Attendance has been down a bit this month as we have had some sickness among our number along with the holiday travel. We are all in good spirits however, and getting excited about organizing on January the 20th. If you have the opportunity to come, it will begin at 10am with a note burning. This will be followed by an organizational service with Brother Shane Wiggins bringing the message. We will have a fellowship after that and then the Smith family will be singing for us that evening. We look forward to a great Saturday in the Lord’s worship. We thank everyone in the MBA who prayed for us and helped us to get to this place in time. May God bless each and every one of you and may you have a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Our attendance was 20 in SS; 33 in MW; and 17 in EW. Our offering was $7,250 with $1,200 given to missions.
Glenn McCarver –El Paso
Please pray for us as we will be leaving East Texas after the first of December to find a house in El Paso. We will be back to Carthage to celebrate Christmas with my parents before we finish packing. Our plans are to move at the first part of January. Please keep us, the work, and the field, in your prayers. If you would like us to visit your church (even after we move), please contact me at 915-301-3712 or In His Service. Glenn McCarver
David Smith -Lifeline BC- Mansfield
Lifeline Church had a great October. November has slowed down and we are having to do some learning about leadership and fellowship. Christmas Play: Evelyn is working with our folks to put together a Christmas play. Pray that it will produce a good turnout for December 17th. Gospel Magic: Bro. Ken Sibley will be with us on Sunday morning December 17th as well. Looking for a good turnout then as well. November is about getting ready for December. Pray for a good December. There were 2 saved during the month of November. A young man that I worked with received Christ at work. A young lady that I drove to Dallas also received Christ. We hope to disciple the young man since he lives closer to us. I wasn’t able to get an address or phone from the lady. Our average attendance was 14 with 4 in small groups. Our offering was $1,257 with $200 given to missions and $600 paid on rent. The church also paid $300 to the church planter, and $150 on insurance.
Victor Rice -Shiloh MBC- San Antonio
The month of November brings much thankfulness as we were blessed at the State Association Meeting and for renewed support, and for the Christmas offering. We were so thankful to bring one of our newest church families to the meeting. We were also thankful for the Texas missionaries being able to share first at the missionary share time. I was blessed to hear great messages and have great fellowship with the brethren. The Thanksgiving holiday has sent many of our families out of town and our attendance has been down. We are still having visitors attending with one female Air Force soldier attending our morning services and she and her family (her dad is a pastor for Little Rock ABA work) attended our morning service. We also had another officer of the Air Force attend who is stationed at San Antonio. He was referred to us by his pastor at the state meeting. Our attendance averaged 13 in SS; 17 in MW; 10 in EW; and 9 in WE. We appreciate your prayers and vote of support as we press on sharing the gospel in San Antonio.
Steven Haney – MBSF- Texas Tech U., Lubbock
This month has been a little slower without meetings due to the holidays but we have consistently been running 4 to 5 for our MBSF Bible Studies on campus and 3 to 4 of those have been coming to our church services. These students have shown a desire to learn more of the doctrines of the Bible, to grow in Christ, and have been getting more involved in our discussions. I enjoy our Bible studies each week, especially since the students have been opening up and actually asking questions about the Bible and our doctrines and wanting to know how to deal with things that they run into on campus. We have been meeting in the Student Union Building of Texas Tech to make it easier on students to attend after classes. Doing this has opened my eyes to how much of a worldly culture is in the majority of the campus. Not only that but Texas Tech has also had to deal with a shooting on campus this semester and a pipe bomb on campus just this month. We we’re also able to take the college students to see Tim Hawkins, a Christian comedian, when he came to Lubbock. They really seemed to enjoy it and to know that Christians aren’t boring or stale but can have fun! I am so grateful for the MBA of Texas for voting me on to designated funds. My goal is to be able to speak to as many churches as desire to know about our work so that we might gain enough support to be on campus full time. We want to be able to spend as much time there as possible reaching the students where they are and to be able to afford the upkeep on a property close to campus for a safe environment with a Christian atmosphere for our students to study and fellowship. My ultimate goal is to see a solid lasting ministry for the Gospel of Christ happening not just at Texas Tech but on college campuses all over Texas and the United States. We can’t do this alone and desire your prayers and any support God leads you to provide. If anyone has any questions they are welcome to call/text me at 903-722-1545 or email me at Thank you and God bless!