Ricky O'Neal


Ricky O'Neal
Ricky O'Neal
Tyler Road MBC
P.O. Box 1262
Henderson, TX 75652



About Bro. Rickey O'Neal



My name is Ricky O'neal, I am 53 years old, and my wife, Cathy and I have been married for over 10 years. I was raised in a little town in Southwest Arkansas and attended Kirby High School where I graduated in 1973. I was raised going to church at Caney Valley Landmark Missionary Baptist Church in Amity, Arkansas where my father was a deacon. I come to know the Lord as my Savior there in the summer of 1963 at the age of 8 years old and was baptized there. I have been in attendance at Texas Baptist Institute and Seminary now going on 5 years and have graduated with my Associates of The English Bible. My wife and I are members of Tyler Road Baptist Church in Henderson, Texas, where I was ordained and they are also the sponsoring church of The Berean Bible Study of which I am the administrator. I have been in the ministry about 10 years and worked as a former correctional officer where I saw the great masses of desperate people crying out for help and I knew the help that they needed
 was none other than Jesus Christ Himself. He has always been my help, my refuge, and my Lord since I was a child and I knew that He was also what they needed. I began to purchase books and material with my own money and send to the inmates in the name of Texas Baptist Institute as I could not send it in my own name being an officer. One day in the summer of 2007 Brother Ray Brooks approached me about taking on the responsibility of The Berean Bible Study as it was going to be disbanded if someone wasn’t found who would take on the work. He told me that I might not have time as it was a lot of work and he wasn't kidding. I prayed about it for a couple of months and then Brother Donald Britton also asked me about taking the work on and I agreed to take the work on. It consumed all of my time and I could see where it could be so much greater of a work if I could only apply myself full time to it. It was then that I discussed applying for mission status with my pastor and my home church and
 we agreed to try for it. In November of 2008 I was approved as State Missionary of Texas on a full time salary. I have been on cloud nine since then and full steam ahead with the work with record numbers of packages sent and many churches from all over Texas sending me their used Sunday School and BTC material. We have had over 269 saved this year so far and the Lord is really blessing this work and even though I work at it 10 hours a day, 6 days a week I never seem to get caught up. Texas leads the nation in number of prisons and number of inmates, and now leads the nation in our ABA work in our missionary outreach to these desperate souls crying out to Jesus. Please keep this work in your prayers.
Your fellow servant in Christ. Ricky & Cathy O'neal