MBA of Texas May 2018 Mission Reports

MBA of Texas May 2018 Mission Reports


May 1st Beginning Balance: $27,566.97 / Offerings: $21,903.90 / Missionary Support: $14,050 / Designated: $100 / Adm. Salary: $2,600 / Office Expense: $383.12 / Corrected Deposit: $43.50 / May 31st Balance: $32,294.25


Saved: 0

          In July we will be sending out the Missionary Request Forms to all the existing missionaries. If your church desires to sponsor a State Missionary please call me at 903-279-4416 or email me at

          In May the MBA of Texas was shared with Greenridge MBC in Houston, Baker Drive MBC in Dickerson, and Unity MBC in Denison. Please remember the ABA, the MBA and all the missionaries in your prayers.

          Since November 1st there have been 8 saved, 3 baptized, 2 added by letter, and 3 added by statement.


Victor Rice- San Antonio-Shiloh MBC

          We continue giving thanks to our Lord for support and prayers from the churches in Texas. This month has been trying because of major health issues in our membership. Sis. Gracie has lost her eyesight in one eye from her diabetes. Sis. Pat, who suffers from COPD and on oxygen, fell on her face causing major swelling and bruising and is awaiting the CT scan results. I filled in the pulpit for Faith MBC of San Antonio as Bro. Warnell went to Mexico to be on an ordaining counsel and witnessed the organization of a church. Bro. Joseph filled in at Shiloh MBC.

          In May the averages for Shiloh MBC were 13 in SS; 20 in MW; and 16 on WE. Our offering was $2,045 with $463.30 given to missions and $1,200 paid on rent.

          In closing, we as a church are praying for 5 individuals for salvation. They are as follows; Adrain, his daughter Bella, and son Skyler; also Bro. and Sis. Montez, son Julian, and daughter Aaliyah. As we are working with them may God give the increase through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!


Joe Bozarth- Conroe-Fellowship BC

          About ten years ago, I was invited to preach a revival in Tizapan, Mexico, at a new mission. This month I was invited to go back and preach the organization sermon as they organized into a church. It was an exciting time to participate in such a service with people who I had prayed for and worked with in times past. It was especially good since I had a small part in their beginning.

          Here in Conroe not so much has changed. We are still finding ways to reach out to people who live in a gated community. The city sponsors a music night once a month in one of the parks. We have always attended and set up a table with free ice water. These concerts begin in June, so we are making preparations now for this outreach. Hobby Lobby has small cups that are often used in VBS. They separate apart and you can insert a paper with the Mission name and address. In previous years we have had visitors from this outreach. This is every month on the first Thursday evening.  

          The averages for Fellowship BC were: 12 in SS; 12 in MW; 7 in EW; and 10 on WE. Our offering was $3,271 with $353 given to missions and $2,006.75 paid on the loan.

          There is a little over two acres available behind the mission property. We will need to raise about a hundred thousand dollars to be able to purchase the property. Any extra money you have for missions would be put to good use with the purchase of the land. Normally, land in this area goes for two hundred thousand an acre or more. We think we can get this for one-fifty.

          Thank you for your prayers and support.


Don Trussell- Kerrville-Hill Country MBC

          I witnessed to several people this month and I kept encountering a common “theme” that people wanted to talk about: “Grace verses Works.” I seem to repeatedly run into people who insist that they have to do good things to get to heaven. Thank the Lord that I was able to convey the truth to them about the grace afforded us through Jesus Christ!

          My wife and I were blessed to have our twin nieces, Lauren and Skylar, come and stay with us while their dad was undergoing treatments for melanoma and lymphoma this month. Please keep Lewis Lee in your prayers while he is going through the battle of his life. He is saved and he tells me that no matter if he lives or dies, God will get the glory for it.

          The averages for Hill Country MBC were; 12 in SS; 12 in MW; 12 in EW; and 10 in outside bible studies. Our offering was $983, with $150 given to missions and $300 paid on rent.

          We ended the month with a Memorial fellowship and a Gospel & Patriotic concert by the Cook Family Singers. We had 7 visitors that evening. Please remember me as I continue to do our door-to-door “Bless” ministry. Thank you for all your prayers and your support.


Leland Acker- Early-Life Point MBC

          Progress continues on the new building. We finished the ceiling and electrical work this month. Inspections on those components are pending. We are now awaiting the installation of our cabinets and plumbing fixtures. Once that is accomplished, we’ll be ready to move in.

          The averages for Life Point BC were; 19 in SS; 20 in MW; and 10 in outside Bible studies. Our offering was $1,735.38 with $300 given to missions and $300 paid on rent.

          We had one come forward to join by baptism. We will arrange those services shortly. Thank you for your prayers and support.


Cory Page- Austin- Disciple Life BC

          There is nothing like the month of May with school kids. The month was filled with field trips, end of year programs, preschool graduations and first grade awards. In addition to the fun things, Lois contracted pneumonia again. It seemed to be for an unrelated reason to her hospital stay last month. After the quick onset of her illness, God blessed with a quick recovery. Perhaps June will be pneumonia free.

          Disciple Life is doing great. We averaged our normal 15 for Sunday services. In addition, the one Disciple Life study continues on Thursday with a man from Ukraine. He is learning what it takes to be a part of a scriptural church and has expressed interest in reaching his friends for that purpose. Disciple Life continues to be involved in the neighborhood where we have our Sunday meeting. God continues to surprise with invitations to interact with neighbors in exciting ways. Pray that these will continue to be open to friendships and open conversations about the gospel.

          The summer schedule is already ramping up. All of our church families have trips planned, including us. Pray that we can maintain continuity through the summer. Thank you to the many churches and pastors that see the great need in Austin Metro. Your encouragement is invaluable.


Glenn McCarver-El Paso

          Homeless in El Paso: One estimate has the homeless population in El Paso at over 1,400. Of that number, over 10 % are veterans (154). Most of us, pass by these people not giving a second thought about who they are, why they are there and where (as in heaven or hell) they are going.

          We see these people on a daily basis, but unfortunately never really see them. Sure, many of them are in this situation as a result of some choice or sin, but just as Jesus saw them in need, so must we.

          One such man is Francis. He is a homeless man that we recently stopped and gave something to drink. As we were where we could only have a quick conversation (we were stopped at a stop sign), we asked him if there was anything that we could pray about for him. He told us simply, his safety.

          Obviously, his greatest need is salvation, but most don’t care what we know about salvation until they know how much we care. There are needs all around us that we MUST minister to so that they will see the light of Christ.

          Manuel: Last month, I asked you to pray for a man named Manuel. Shortly after I finished my report, I was able to speak with him about salvation. Manuel listened intently, and when I asked him if he would like to receive Jesus as his Savior, he said that he would. As I prayed for him, skepticism crept into my mind. Did he really understand? When Manuel prayed, all of the skepticism washed away. He prayed a prayer that brought tears to my eyes as he asked God to not only forgive him but provide him a home in heaven! God truly is a great God! (Manuel’s salvation was counted last month.)

          Meeting Place: On Memorial Day, we went seeking available places that we could use for a meeting place. We saw a few possibilities and including the ones that we had already identified, we have a few options. There is one in particular that we are interested in and would seem to be a perfect fit. Please pray as we seek God’s will.


Steven Haney-MBSF- Lubbock

          This month was a slow month for us in terms of MBSF student activity since several of our students have left town for the summer and the campus is pretty well closed off. We still have some students in town and will continue with our Sunday and Wednesday college classes as well as fellowship meals throughout the summer. We have had a church come on as a monthly supporter of the MBSF which was a huge encouragement and blessing and we are still looking for other churches willing to step up alongside of us in this endeavor. I am currently planning on stepping out of a full time secular job this summer to be able to have more time for the MBSF work. We covet your prayers and support as I take this step of faith and pray that God will send other monthly supporters this summer to help with this transition. We want to be able to use these summer months to get everything planned and set for the fall to have a strong kickoff to the new school year coming up. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at or call/text 903-722-1545. We are also more than willing to come and speak at any churches that desire to know more about the work. Thank you and God bless! 


David Smith-Lifeline BC- Mansfield

May is gone! The month was a bit low in attendance and part of that is probably due to Alice and me being absent for two weeks on vacation.

Stats: The averages for Lifeline BC was 13 in MW and 5 in small groups. Our offering was $1,659.75 with $300 given to missions and $650 paid on rent.

Vacation: We had a great time in West Virginia for our granddaughter and grandson’s graduation from a Christian School in Morgantown.

          Then, the same night of their graduation we left for Lynchburg, VA, where our other granddaughter was also graduating from a Christian School. We drove a total of six hours from graduation to the other but made it in time, even after stopping in a hotel to get some sleep. We got to see our family and that was a huge blessing for us.

40 Days of Prayer Campaign has begun as of June 3rd. We will tell you more about this great campaign next month.

Britt Farley will be coming to help us for a week in June. We are so glad that from time to time TBI students have been here to help us.

Prayer request: Praying to break the 20 barrier on a regular basis. Praying for 50 by Christmas on a steady basis. Praying to win and disciple new believers in the next 6 weeks of the campaign. Praying for a real breakthrough in attendance this summer.

City Reach in September: September 26-29th City Reach+ will be with Lifeline. We are so excited about the group coming to help us evangelize and minister. They are a blessing everywhere they go. Be sure and join up with them and come over and help us. City Reach+ is made up of adults and not teens. Great opportunity to get the RV out and come over! You can reach us at 817-726-8781.