MBA of Texas January 2019 Mission Reports

MBA of Texas January 2019 Mission Reports


January 1st balance: $47,557.21 / Offerings: (including Minute Fund) $21,776.53 / Missionary Support: $13,550 / Admin. Salary: $2,600 / Expense: (MF expense $161.34)(Designated $10) $421.34 / January 31st balance: $52,762.40                                            

(Minute Fund: $11,333.06)


Saved: 8  Baptized: 4   

          Since November 1st there have been 12 saved & 6 baptized!

          State missions was shared with the North East Texas Mission Council at East Post Oak MBC in Detroit, the Southwest Association Mission Rally at Ridgecrest MBC in Levelland, Borger MBC in Borger, and Pacific Avenue MBC in Iowa Park.

Victor Rice- Shiloh MBC; San Antonio

Home: We had a full month of illnesses that affected the attendance for the month. We do have a praise, Bro. Mike, who had open heart surgery i Houston, was able to come home, but is still recovering due to being on the respirator for 3 weeks causing a slow process of getting his oxygen count up.

          We were blessed to have Bro. Daniel Tijerina come up for a Wednesday evening service and shared the work for the Valley. We have had a young couple with a 5 month old daughter to come.

Stats: Our averages were 13 in SS; 15 in MW; and 12 on WE. Our offering was $4,040.50 with $437 given to missions and $1,200 paid on rent.

Van: We just found out we have been blessed with a 2000 E350, 15 passenger van that is being donated by Ten Mile MBC in Lonsdale Ark. We are very grateful and will be traveling to pick it up in North Texas. Keep us in your prayers for our health and as we keep sharing and proclaiming our Lord Jesus Christ.


Donald Trussell- Hill Country MBC; Kerrville

Salvation: We were blessed to begin the new year with my grand-daughter, Maggie getting saved! What rejoicing there was on that day! I had the great honor of baptizing her on the 13th.

Stats: Praise God for 1 salvation and 1 baptism. Our averages were 10 in SS; 10 in MW; 10 in EW; and 7 in outside Bible studies. Our offering was $760 with $100 given to missions and $300 paid on rent.

Moving: Please continue to keep us in your prayers as I will be moving out of my apartment when the lease runs out next month, and the church also voted to move out of our current facilities and “start over fresh” in another part of town. It is a long story as to how we prayerfully came up with that decision, which was not easy. They have agreed to wait on the church move until I have my personal move behind me. That will mean a lot of work for me as most of our members are disabled. Thank you for your continued support and prayers.


Leland Acker- Life Point MBC; Early

Illness: Attendance was a little off this month due to illness and travel. We had 1 baptism, which was originally scheduled for December, but was rescheduled for January due to the lack of an available baptistery.

Stats: Praise God for 1 baptism. Our averages were 16 in SS; 18 in MW; and 11 in outside Bible studies. Our offering was $1,774 with $300 given to missions.

Services: Life Point voted to start a Wednesday night Prayer Service, and we are working to establish a midweek youth ministry as well. Thank you for your prayers and support.


Joe Bozarth- Fellowship MBC; Conroe

Plans: We have had an interesting month. One of recovery for me and the Mission. We are very near to closing on the two and a half acres. It is currently planned for Feb. 10th. Just a couple of things yet we need to get back in order. This property will join our present land attached to the north side. Our plans are to use it for activities and play areas for kids. The kids from high school walk past every day and we believe we can challenge them to a game of freebie golf or basketball and thereby interest them in knowing more about the Lord. We are also going to have a pick nick area for our neighbors.

Stats: Our averages were 10 in SS; 13 in MW; 9 in EW; and 10 on WE. Our offering was $3,919 with $416.92 given to missions and $2,006.75 paid on loan.

Value: We have had the City of Conroe throw up as many road blocks as possible to stop our purchase. The purchase price has been $1.65 per square foot. It is located along I45 and Wilson Rd. Other property in the area is selling for $18 per square foot. So you can see why we want to purchase the land. With the purchase of the land, the property was appraised for 2.2 million. Remember us in prayer.


Glenn McCarver- Borderland MBC; El Paso

Surrender: Since Ethan was saved in July, he has been seeking God’s will for his life. After several months of prayer, he came on Dec. 2nd and surrendered to the call of the ministry. He was nervous and excited when we had him speak for the first time. While he didn’t preach for very long, the message was true and relevant. We ask you to keep him in your prayers as he continues to follow God’s plan for his future. Also pray that we can be the right examples and teachers for him.

Salvation: Those of you who know my daughter Cala, know that she is very direct. Some of her friends and co-workers decided to take a trip to New Mexico to see snow. While they were there, one in the group wanted to go inside a Catholic Church. While they were there, Cala told Raul that she didn’t like being there. When he asked why, Cala (being her usual blunt self) said that they were all dying and going to hell. This startled him so much, that she was able to share the Gospel with him. Before it was all said and done, he was crying and asking Jesus to save him! He told us later that on that day, he finally had the peace that he had been looking for! Please pray for Raul as he always has a new question about the Bible. Also, pray for his family to accept Christ as their Savior as well!

God’s blessings: This past month, God has blessed us with a high attendance of 14. During the middle part of January, we had a family emergency, and even while we were gone, our congregation met and had 10 attend the meeting. Cala was the only one from the family that was there. Praise God as He continues to lead and grow the work in the Borderland!


David Smith- Lifeline BC; Mansfield

4 Saved: First, our intern, Britt Farley, led an adult man to Christ earlier in the month. Pray for him to grow in Christ. Second, my wife led a lady to Christ in the Parks Mall. Please pray for her to come out of Catholicism. Thirdly, I was privileged to lead Alice’s adult niece to Salvation. Fourth, a child was saved in Sunday School. We are praising God for 4 saved this month. Praying they will all eventually be in church.

Stats:   We had 4 saved! Our averages were 21 in MW; 5 in small groups and 5 at Venus. Our offering was $2,808 with $300 given to missions and $650 paid on rent. 

          Some regular members have been slacking off in church attendance. But God has replaced them with at least 10 others coming on a regular basis lately. Praise God for His goodness.

Property: We were not able to negotiate a deal with the owner of the 3 acres with house on it. But that’s ok. God has something much better for us when the time comes. We will be making a request for the TMD funds to help us get a down payment together for future property. Please pray for us in this matter.

Unchurched: Reaching the unchurched is always a challenge. It can get messy because so often these folks are untaught and undisciplined. Please pray that those who are coming will gain stability in the Word of Truth. When people interrupt your sermon with questions, it becomes very interesting.

New Neighbors: Pray for a Muslim family of 5 that just moved across the street from us. We met them and learned they are from Jordan. The husband is studying at UTA and getting a masters in Engineering. They are very friendly. The wife, Rawaa, brought a plate of goodies over to us on Saturday. Pray we can reach them.


Daniel Tijerina- A New Beginning BC; Mission

New Start: I am pleased to report that we started meeting at our new location in Mission. The chapel seats over 150 people, has men and women’s restrooms, a cold water drinking faucet, a baptistery, and 2 small class room spaces. It is located on a 40 acre camp that contains hotel rooms, conference rooms, bunked beds for men and women, a prayer garden, paved parking, etc.

Anniversary: Our sponsoring church will be visiting us next month, Feb. 8-11. A New Beginning will be celebrating 13 years of service to our Lord and King on Feb. 10, 2019.

Praises: My son Joseph and my daughter Florence made their professions of faith and asked to be Scripturally Baptized! A New Beginning and Unity rejoice and are very thankful to the Lord for His mercy and grace.

Fellowship: Our young people attended a youth rally on Jan. 26, at Iglesia Bautista Getsemani where Pastor Josue Vasquez is now pastoring. Florence, my daughter, won several prizes. She answered numerous questions related to Scripture passages (speed test on who could find the chapter and verse).

Outreach: We have established new relationships with several young people and families this month. We are awaiting the arrival of flyers, business cards, and a new sign to help us let the community know where we are located, our service times, and our contact information.

Future Plans: We are looking forward to great things the Lord has in store for us in 2019. We are requesting the Texas Mission Development Funds for the 2nd quarter, to purchase land and a building to permanently call home.

Stats: We are working with 9 families. Our averages were; 38 in MW; 17 in EW; and 14 on WE. If you have questions call me at 956-240-5717, or email me at

Thanks: We are grateful to all the churches that give faithfully to the MBA of Texas, TMD, and TMB. We want to thank our sponsoring church- Unity MB C of Longview, and Pastor Ray Williams for their prayers and support.


Steven Haney- MBSF- Lubbock

In Session: We are finally back in session after the holidays. We started back January 14th. We decided to start running ads for our Bible study in the campus paper this spring, so please pray God will help these ads to reach as many students as possible. We will continue to do our free speech booths, hopefully 2 per month, and hope to make some good contacts through that. Cold contacts are the hardest for me, for I enjoy building relationships first, but sometimes that’s not the best way for that person or opportunity. We pray God will place those in our path that He desires and trust He knows best. We have 2 MBSF bible studies and averaged 5 students. Some students brought bible lessons, which is encouraging to see them wanting to build on their relationship with God. I know it is not all about numbers, but it is good to see those coming, maturing as Christians. We still need 2 more Tech students willing to step up and hold a position to get registered on campus.

Support: In terms of financial support, we are still needing others to help us with monthly support. We are at about 60% of the monthly support needed, for salary and for other MBSF expenses. Our goal is $4,500 per month and we are at $2,600. Please pray for this ministry and the students. Pray God will guide us in using every opportunity available to us. Also, prayerfully consider whether God would have your church join us in this great adventure and ministry. If I may present the work to your church, call 903-722-1545 or email me at Thank you so much for your prayers, thoughts, and support.