Leland Acker


Leland Acker
Leland Acker
Cell 325-200-8531
Sponsor - Rocky Springs MBC
P.O. Box 1840
Jacksonville, TX 75766


About Bro. Leland Acker

Leland Acker
I was born in Nacogdoches, TX, in 1978, then reared by my grandparents in Jacksonville, TX for the majority of my childhood. I was blessed that my grandparents took me to church every time the doors opened. At the age of 12, the preacher at the church we were attending preached a series on Hell. I decided that I didn't want to go there, so I asked how to avoid going to Hell. The preacher told me to ask Jesus into my heart. I said a prayer, and he dunked me the following Sunday.

Following that experience, I became more active in church until I entered high school. Upon entering high school, my morality declined significantly. My continued rebellion only worsened upon entering college. Despite my blasphemous lifestyle (I would claim to be Christian while living a lifestyle that denied God's existence), God still brought people into my life that would lead me to the Truth. One of those people was my wife, Jessica. We married in the spring of 1999, during my senior year at Stephen F. Austin State University (I flunked out that semester). Over the course of that first three years, Jessica continually pointed out the fact that my life did not reflect the faith I professed with my lips. Finally, in the fall of 2002, I began to see that she was right. I realized that while I said a prayer asking Jesus into my heart, I never acknowledged my sin, nor had I repented, nor had I placed my faith in Jesus. Isaiah 1:18 says "Come now, let us reason together, saith the Lord, though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be white as snow." God wants to reason with us about our sin, and that we should repent of it and believe the Gospel. I did just that in November 2002.

Following my salvation, God called me into the ministry in February 2004. In March 2004, I became the youth director at Rocky Springs MBC in Jacksonville, the church I had been attending since flunking out of Stephen F. Austin, the same church that baptized me following my profession of faith. In August 2004, I started classes at Texas Baptist Institute in Henderson. In January 2005, I resigned my position at Rocky Springs and joined Vanderbilt Baptist Church in Tyler, TX, later becoming their youth director in May of that year. While at Vanderbilt, I helped implement the Discovery Bible Clubs and God blessed the youth ministry, and all ministries there. In January 2006, I resigned at Vanderbilt as I had been called to be the pastor at Denson Springs MBC in Grapeland, TX. I graduated from TBI with an Associate of Bible diploma in May 2006. I remained at Denson Springs until God called me to plant a church in Brownwood, TX in Sept. 2007. 

We finally got moved to Brownwood in June 2008, held our first VBS here in August 2008, and held our first public worship services in November 2008. We went from three the first Sunday to 20 the third Sunday. God is really at work here.

I am a father of three, Rachel, Joshua and JJ. Thank you for allowing me to share my story with you and supporting the work here in Brownwood through your prayers and financial help.