MBA of Texas December 2018 Mission Reports

MBA of Texas December 2018 Mission Reports


December 1st Balance: $48,065.67/ Offering: (including Minute Fund) $16,514.71/ Missionary Support: $13,550/ Admin. Salary: $2,600/ Expenses: (Minute Fund Expense-$175.30) $873.17/ December 31st Balance: $47,557.21

(Minute Fund $11,394.40)


Saved: 1 Baptized: 1

          Since November 1st, there have been 4 saved and 2 baptized.


Victor Rice- San Antonio- Shiloh MBC

          We give thanks to our Lord for the prayers and support that has come our way. In December we had a low attendance due to illness and some traveling.

          Stats: Our averages were: 12 in SS; 19 in MW; 11 in SE; and 15 on WE. Our offering was $3,974 with $283 given to missions and $1,200 paid on rent.

          Bro. Mike had open heart surgery on December 19th and praying for a speedy recovery. We had a cupcake party at Silver Manor Nursing Home, and handed out blankets and sang Christmas Carols. Sis. Gracie moved to Colorado this month and will be attending an ABA church there. As we end 2018 we are looking forward to the year of the Lord in 2019.


Leland Acker- Early- Life Point MBC

          Merry Christmas! The Holiday Season created opportunities to share Jesus with the community. Life Point entered a float in the Brownwood Parade. Our float contained a display of a manger and a cross. The youth group walked alongside the float, handing out gift bags including tracts, church invitations, and candy. All total, 1,500 gift bags were distributed during the parade.

          God gives the increase! We had one soul saved this month with the baptism scheduled for Dec. 30th. This precious individual made a profession of faith during morning services, and will likely follow the Lord with us going forward.

          Stats: We had 1 saved and baptized, praise God. Our averages were: 18 in SS; 19 in MW; and 11 in Bible Studies. Our offering was $2,054.80 with $300 given to missions.

          Building Forward: While we are already using our new worship facilities for Sunday services and midweek Bible Studies, we are still working to finish it out, and are still in need of financial support for the final touches. We have ordered signage to build by the road. That comes at a cost of $960. We are also in need of flooring. We have a bid from Brownwood Decorating in the amount of $12,843.70 to install vinyl plank flooring throughout the entire building.

          Thank you for your prayers and support.


Glenn McCarver- El Paso- Borderland MBC

          Traveling Grace: We looked forward to the Texas State Meeting in November. It’s always good to see friends from around the state and the world. The trip was uneventful until we pulled into Texarkana. Then the trouble began. Our van started having transmission problems. Bro. Victor Rice checked it out (thank you for all your help) and recommended a transmission flush hoping that would at least get us home. Unfortunately, it was a little more involved and would cost more than the van was worth. Even though we lost our van, it could have been much worse. God allowed our van to at least make it to the meeting instead of breaking down in the middle of nowhere (known as West Texas). Thank you, Lord, for your traveling grace.

          In case you didn’t know, Texas is a HUGE state. After our van broke down, our sending church stepped up to make sure we got home. We were told to try to find a van to rent to get us home. After looking everywhere, we were unable to find one to rent. We made a decision to borrow my parent’s car to drive to El Paso, pick up my work vehicle, drive back to East Texas, then drive back to El Paso. Needless to say, we were exhausted when we finally made it back home.

          Stats: Our averages were: 8 in EW, 6 in Bible Study. We had 1 salvation and 1 to surrender to the ministry.

          Blessed Thanksgiving: We got back to El Paso (the first time), on Thanksgiving Day. We unloaded the car and started to prepare to return to East Texas the next day. While we were here, we made sure to visit those who attend services with us. When we stopped at Francis’s house, he asked us if we had eaten anything. He insisted that he feed us on Thanksgiving. It was an awesome blessing to us. We are here to minister to people in El Paso, and this Thanksgiving we were ministered to. God is good to us in so many ways, and this will be a Thanksgiving that we will always remember!  


Donald Trussell- Kerrville- Hill Country MBC

          We “adopted” three families this year for Christmas. They were all very thankful for the blessings of food and other needed items. Jennifer continues to return to the ladies Bible study, but our neighbor hasn’t gotten saved yet, even after hearing the gospel several times. We appreciate your continued prayers.

          Stats: Our averages were; 10 in SS; 10 in MW; 12 in EW; and 13 in outside Bible studies. Our offering was $926, with $100 given to missions and $300 paid for rent.


David Smith- Mansfield- Life Line BC

          Average>20: Our attendance stayed above 20 for the last several months.

          Property?: We found 3 acres with a house large enough to use for church meetings. It just become available in a good location on business Hwy for only $375,000. Please pray that we can negotiate a lease with an option to purchase. Or, that God supplies us the down payment and financing, if it is His will for us to get it. We could sure use it.

          God with us Campaign: Our Christmas campaign was not as productive as we had hoped. Nonetheless our average attendance was very good. We had two new guests on our Christmas Sunday services.

          First Muslim Guest: We have had a Muslim Background Believer attending our small groups, but last Sunday we had our first Unsaved Muslim to attend worship. Bro. Britt Farley befriended him and invited him to church and he seemed to enjoy our fellowship and all that took place. Pray for him to become a believer in Christ.

          Stats: Our averages were 21 in MW; 5 in small groups and 5 in Venus. Our offering was $2,715, with $300 given to missions, $650 paid for rent, $300 given to the pastor and $150 given toward the pastor’s insurance.  

          Christmas Sunday: We had a great service on Sunday before Christmas. We sang traditional carols, and a special Christmas skit produced by our own worship leader, and six year old Kaylee, did a ballet version of the Nutcracker suite. We had a great message, and a fabulous Christmas meal prepared for everyone by our own people. Wonderful fellowship! Praying for souls to be saved.  


Steven Haney- Lubbock- MBSF Texas Tech U.

          Slow month: December was a short month for MBSF work. Texas Tech closes down from Dec. 14th –mid-January with students heading out of town. We had 2 weekly Monday Bible studies, the second of which was our Christmas Bash Breakfast for Dinner which is always a good hit with college students. We had 6 students make it to those. We planned one last fellowship on the 8th but had to cancel due to 9 inches of snow.

          Planning Ahead: We are using this time to plan methods of reaching more of the campus in the spring semester through the campus newspaper, ads, and seeking more campus availability for booths, which means added cost. Pray as we consider some of these methods.

          Support: Our current support is $2,600 through churches and individuals. We are seeking $4,500 to fully fund the MBSF; for salary, housing, utilities, and miscellaneous expenses. If you would like to consider partnering with us, I will be glad to present the work to your church. Call me at (903) 722-1545.  


Joe Bozarth- Conroe- Fellowship MBC

You can have a different opinion about your sponsoring church. Some look at the sponsoring church as something that would control them. However, I was in the hospital all month and my sponsoring church, Fellowship MBC- Pasadena, came to my rescue. I am almost well and ready to go back to work, but keep me in your prayers.

          Stats: Our averages were; 15 in SS; 18 in MW; 7 in EW; and 8 on WE. Our offering was $3,928 with $414 given to missions and $2,006.75 paid on rent. Thank you for your love and support! Come by and see what God has done!


Daniel Tijerina- Donna- A New Beginning BC

          Many Blessings: We had 8 first time visitors. We celebrated our last service in a home in Donna, Dec. 30th. We will have our first service at our interim location, 1600 E. Business Hwy 83, Mission, TX 78572, in a beautiful chapel located at the Valley Baptist Retreat Center.

          God’s Grace: His grace is new every day. The members are committed to spreading the Gospel by giving to missions and going out into the community this coming year. Our sponsoring church is planning on visiting us in Feb. 2019.

          Future Plans: We are looking forward to great things the Lord has in store for us in 2019. We are requesting the Texas Mission Development Funds for the 2nd quarter, to purchase land and a building to permanently call home.

          Growth: We have been praying that the Lord grow the church in number. With our new meeting place, we will be able to invite others to join us. The Gospel shall continue to be proclaimed until the Lord calls us home or until He returns.

          Thanks: We are grateful to all the churches that give faithfully to the MBA of Texas, TMD, and TMB. We want to thank our sponsoring church-Unity MBC of Longview, and Pastor Ray Williams for their prayers and support.

          Stats: We are working with 8 families. Our averages were; 35 in MW; 20 in EW; and 17 on WE. Should you have any questions call me at 956-240-5717 or email me at