MBA of Texas October 2017 Mission Reports

MBA of Texas October 2017 Mission Reports

October Beginning Balance: $22,615.69 / Offerings: $17,827.73 / Missionary Support: $15,850 / Designated: $50 / Expenses: (Office expense) $193.72 / Adm. Salary: $2,600 / October 31st balance: $21,749.70/b>
(Minute Fund Balance: $4,003.08)

Salvations: 6 Baptisms: 1

Please be in prayer for the State Messenger Meeting and the host church; Memory Lane MBC in Palestine, as the messengers convene at the Palestine Civic Center November 14th & 15th.
The missionaries coming for support and their monthly request in 2017 are: Cory Page-$2,900; Joe Bozarth-$2,500; David Smith-$2,850; Leland Acker-$1,500; Donald Trussell-$2,700; Victor Rice-$1,600; and Ricky O’Neal for the Berean Bible Study on Designated Funds. Two new missionary/projects coming for support are: Glenn McCarver, missionary to El Paso, for Designated Funds; and Steven Haney as MBSF Directory at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, for Designated Funds.
Since November 2017 there have been 48 souls saved, 23 baptized; and 59 have joined the different mission points by baptism, letter, or statement.
In October the MBA of Texas was shared with Lifebridge BC in Deer Park; Creekmont BC in La Porte; the Old Cherokee Assoc. in Rusk; the Hopewell Assoc. in Cookville; the Shelby County Assoc. in Timpson; the South Texas Assoc. in Deer Park; the Salem Assoc. in Hughes Springs; and the Central Texas Assoc. in Bedford. A big, THANK YOU, to all who supported the MBA of Texas last year.

Abel Oviedo

It will always be a great blessing to send an affectionate greeting through these lines to thank God first for the grace and mercy that has been poured out in each of our hearts, and to give thanks to God for you who have accompanied us on this journey that we have in common to spread the kingdom of God to many thirsty hearts.
In the month of September the Lord gave us the opportunity to take place in 2 important events. We have taken a step to organize as a New Testament Church and we continue with the mission work in Camargo Tamaulipas where we have ordained Brother David Garcia to the ministry. Bro. David Garcia is the new pastor in this place that is 45 minutes from Mission, Texas. We also continue with the missionary work in Cuba where we wish to establish a Seminary and support Missionary Brother Yasdani who is initiating 2 mission fields in Cuba. For this reason, we sincerely ask you to continue to support us in order to continue our missionary project.
Our congregation cannot fully support itself. Little by little we are taking on our responsibilities but I have commitments to pay for my home, family health insurance and have a son in College; therefore we ask that you continue to support us as we continue with our missionary projects. At the present, we are averaging in the 90’s in Morning Worship, 60 in Evening Worship, and 45 on Wednesday. Lord willing we have plans to travel to Cuba, December 2nd to the 8th, please keep us in your prayers as we continue with this endeavor. Brother Jose Poot will accompany me.
We thank you again for your support and prayers. Please keep them in your prayers as the gospel keeps being preached in Cuba. We don’t deserve all He does for us and we are so very grateful for all of you. From our hearts we want to say once again, thank you. Praising God from whom all blessings flow.

Victor Rice

I would like to thank the Lord for His love and care of the Lord’s New Testament Churches of the MBA of Texas that pray for and support us and the other Missionaries. We averaged 13 in SS; 20 in MW; 15 in EW; and 12 on WE. Our offering was $1,499, with $385 given to missions and $1,200 paid on rent.
Our month has been very busy as we have been visiting and witnessing and inviting with the Lord blessing with new visitors for this month. Myself and Brother Joseph were blessed to attend the South Texas Association meeting where we heard great messages, had great fellowship and shared our work.
We were blessed to preach and share the work at Meadowbrook MBC in Wills Point, where God’s people shared their great love towards us and we enjoyed visiting with Brother Cory Williams and was taken to lunch with Brother Doug and his lovely wife.
We will be preaching and sharing the work on the last Sunday of the month with Woodglen MBC in Spring and for the evening service at Faith MBC in Houston. We are so thankful for the churches that have invited us to share the work and preach.
We also have been heavy hearted and were able to give a love offering to Brother Stuckey of New Life MBC (as his dad went to be with the Lord) so he could get to Louisiana to be with his mom and make arrangements for the burial. We are seeking freestanding partitions so we can divide our fellowship area into three class rooms. We thank you for your hearts and prayers.

David Smith

Friends Came Out: We are really rejoicing this month! Our Friend Day was a success. We had 43 in attendance, and 4 were saved: one adult, and 3 children. We had many first time guests and many return guests.
Lifeline was working: All of our people were serving. We had our BBQ griller, Brother Mark; our 4 greeters at the doors, inside and outside; our children’s workers; our ladies serving; our media man on the computer; our worship leader enthusiastically leading us in great songs of praise; our Live-Streaming guy videoing live on Facebook. It was great! God is working, we praise His holy name!
Revival: We also had our first revival this month. This was a new adventure for our people, but we averaged 13 in attendance during this event.
Growing Pains: We are already in need of space for our children’s ministry. Pray for us in this please. Our auditorium space will be good for a little while longer. Pray that we can find a better facility for the future. We like these kind of needs. Growth is trying to happen. The average for Lifeline BC in Mansfield was 23 in Worship, and 3 in small groups. Praise God for the 5 saved souls. Our offering was $1,428 with $200 given to missions and $600 paid on rent. (Note: The mission is also helping with Bro. David’s salary and insurance, thus helping him to cut back on his other job, and giving him more time for the mission.)
One more Saved: Today at my workplace I was riding with one of my co-workers delivering a vehicle to a car rental business. He had recently lost his mother to cancer. We had a good conversation on the way back which led to his receiving Christ as we were driving. He is a young man and was very ready to receive Christ as his Savior. Praise God again!
Reach Texas: Alice and I drove down to Kerrville a few weeks ago to have a visit with Don Trussell and his wife Cindy. We had a great time talking about church planting and ministry. We are working with Reach Texas to encourage our church planters and help them in ministry. Don has been faithfully serving in Kerrville. He wants to see souls saved!

Leland Acker

Praise the Lord for a soul saved and a baptism. We’ve received 5 first time visitors this month, mostly due to folks responding to my radio work.
We are continuing to work on the church building. We ordered new sheetrock to finish out the project. I met with a contractor last week to price what it would take to finish out the building. We still need to sheetrock the bathrooms, hang the suspended ceiling, and finish out the walls and install plumbing and electrical fixtures. We have $26,000 left in our building fund and will receive the TMD funds in February. The averages for Life Point MBC in Early were 17 in SS; 21 in MW; and 8 in Outside Bible Studies. Praise God for the 1 saved and 1 baptized. Our offering was $2,859.70 with $150 given to missions and $300 paid on rent.
We were blessed to be a part of the Pre-Associational meeting on Oct. 3rd, and the Southwest Mission Rally on Oct. 28th. Thank you for your prayers and support.

Cory Page

October was a good month. It is always important to step back and remember that ministry in a person’s life happens long before Sundays. We haven’t yet seen it translate to Sunday attendance, but God’s Ministry is being done. Here are some examples just from the last week. I met Azari, a female seminary student studying for her masters of divinity. She was excited about Ministry and had questions about how she could find a church to pastor. Needless to say, it was a fun conversation. James and his children joined a Pokemon club at the local library. After two weeks, they put James in charge of the group. He is building relationships with dads who are looking for ways to bond with their own children. God is opening doors. Stacey Shields started a new job at Pizza Hut and has already begun sharing her faith with her fellow employees. Jim has been busy at his jobs being a positive influence. Just this week, a fellow employee who was hurting emotionally sought out the “preacher.” Suzie Pace has been working hard to share Christ with the realtor that sold them their house. They meet often and Suzie has become their Christian influence when they have questions.
God is doing a good work here. We till, weed, and water. Pray along with us that God will soon bring the increase! Thank you for your prayers.

Leslie Rhea

October has been a month of ups and downs for attendance, but we have held our own. We voted to organize in January and will begin that service at 10am on the 20th of January with a note burning followed by the organizational service. Brother Shane Wiggins will bring the message to be followed by a luncheon. We will then reassemble to hear the great singing of the Smith Family. Come join us in this glorious occasion as we continue to move forward for the cause of Christ. We were also very excited to have visitors this month with a high of 11 on the last Sunday. Continue to pray for us and this great group of folks who have diligently worked to get to this time.
The averages for Vanderbilt BC in Tyler were 19 in SS; 36 in MW; and 12 in EW. Our offering was $4,259 with $708.88 given to missions.
We were also very saddened with the passing of a great man of God this month. Brother Marvin Gardner went home to glory. What a tremendous job the Lord allowed him to do in building a great work in Tyler. Not enough can ever be said for the lives he impacted, including mine. We will miss him, but we know our loss is heaven’s gain. Please pray for the Gardner family as well as the Farmer family in the loss of his wife. Thank you for your prayers and support.

Donald Trussell

Our numbers were down in October due to members being ill and out of town traveling, but it was still a good month. I knocked on 80 doors to invite Paseo de Paz residents to a “Family Movie Night.” When the night came, I was kind of disappointed when only 5 people showed up, but I later realized that the Lord sent these young men to encourage me! I was glad to get to know some new friends and enjoy an evening of fellowship with them. I knocked on the same number of doors the following week to invite people to our new Bible study at the apartments. So far, we’ve had an average of 3 to show up on Monday nights. At the end of the month, we had an outreach we called the “Living Waters Booth,” which we set up at the Kerr County Fair. We carried over 550 tracts, Bibles, New Testaments, and Books of John (in Spanish and English), as well as information about the church. We also handed out free bottles of water to anyone who wanted them. I lost count of how many cases of water we handed out, but I was glad to see that at the end of the fair, we only had 2 Bibles, 3 books of John, and some tracts left. Please pray for souls to be saved from this outreach. We also had a 5th Sunday “singing” on the 29th, with 5 visitors in attendance. Thank you for your prayers and support.
The averages for Hill Country MBC in Kerrville were 11 in SS; 11 in MW; and 12 in EW; and 6 in outside Bible studies. Our offering was $992 with $150 given to missions and $300 paid on rent.

Joe Bozarth

This month we have had several new visitors. We do not see many who are seriously looking for a church. Some are attending for the Bible study but are attending elsewhere for the entertainment. There are several mega churches near and have a lot to offer. We continue our outreach and God blesses us with people- some for Wednesday night Bible study and some for regular service. We know that faithfulness will be rewarded in time. There has been a lot of illness in our membership. Two spent several days in the hospital. In fact, we have one in the hospital now.
The averages for Fellowship MBC in Conroe were 12 in SS; 12 in MW; 8 in EW; and 8 in WE. Our offering was $3,429 with $315.15 given to missions and $2,006.75 paid on the loan.
I am still working 2-3 days a week at Calvary BC in Huffman that suffered great damage from the flood. The mission endorsed me being there and taking over some of my duties. This will take a long time to get back in order.
We hosted the quarterly Trinity River mission rally in September. Our ladies prepared the meal for the meeting and we enjoyed great fellowship.