MBA of Texas September 2017 Mission Reports

MBA of Texas September 2017 Mission Reports

September Beginning Balance: $24,959.65 / Offering: $16,302.04 / Missionary Support: $15,850 / Expenses: $196 / Adm. Salary: $2,600 /
September 30th balance: $22,615.69 / Minute Fund: $4,003.08

Salvations: 1 Baptisms: 1

The missionaries seeking monthly support from the MBA of Texas for the 2017-18 fiscal year are: Cory Page for $2,900; Joe Bozarth for $2,500; David Smith for $2,850; Leland Acker for $1,500; Donald Trussell for $2,700; and Victor Rice for $1,600. There are 3 missionaries/projects coming for designated funds. These are: Glenn McCarver as missionary to El Paso; Steven Haney as M.B.S.F. Director at Texas Tech University in Lubbock; and Ricky O’Neal with the Berean Bible Study/Prison Ministry.
In September State Missions was shared with: Missionary BC in San Antonio; Hill Country MBC in Kerrville; the Red River Assoc. in Avery; the Mission Valley Assoc. in San Antonio; the Tri-County Assoc. in Athens; the Southwest Assoc. in Odessa; the Anderson County Assoc. in Grapeland; the Mt. Zion Assoc. in Kilgore; and the Bethlehem Assoc. in Kirbyville.
Since November 2017 there have been 42 saved; 22 baptized; and 61 have joined the missions by baptism, letter, or statement.
The MBA of Texas Messenger meeting will be held November 14-15 at the Palestine Civic Center in Palestine.

Donald Trussell

The averages for Hill Country MBC in Kerrville were: 14 in SS; 16 in MW; 15 in EW; and 5 in outside Bible Studies. Our offering was $922.38 with $200 given to missions and $300 paid on rent. Praise God for 1 baptism.
September was a wonderful month in the Hill Country! Our Sunday night numbers came up after we got started back in Bible Clubs. I rejoiced to be able to finally baptize Sarah Carter, who got saved several months ago. That same weekend, we invited the public to attend a hamburger cook-out and silent auction to raise money for Hurricane Harvey relief. We had 3 visitors, and even though we were only able to raise $271, I thought that was a good amount for such a small group. I began a sermon series this month which “revisits” the vision that the Lord gave us for Hill Country MBC when the mission work began. I thought this would remind and revive the original members and bring the newest ones up-to-date on the vision and purpose of our church. The men and I went door-to-door at the end of the month to assess the needs of our neighbors and to promote our Bible study at the apartment complex. Please pray that the contacts we made prove to be fruitful and the Lord may add to His Kingdom. May God bless all in your ministries.

Leland Acker

The averages for Life Point MBC in Early, (formerly Grace Pointe MBC), were: 21 in SS; 22 in MW; 9 in outside Bible Studies. Our offering was $3,653.87, with $300 paid on rent, and $150 given to missions.
This month’s offering is a record high for Life Point Church (formerly Grace Pointe). These offerings come as the Lord prospers our members, and as our members desire to see Life Point carry out God’s work.
Life Point is blessed to receive the TMD 4th quarter funds. We will receive those funds in February. We are thankful for the members of TMD for voting once again to help us complete our building project debt-free. Our plan is to complete the building and move in, then to continue our outreach into the surrounding neighborhoods. At that point, we believe God will grow the work out of the need for support, and we will be able to come off of state funds.
We had a family of first time visitors this month. God is good. We look forward to seeing everyone at the state meeting in November.

Cory Page

The word for this month is organization. The addition of James Shields to the team brings a fresh set of eyes. We have been staring at this monster for a few years now, and it is refreshing to have new blood ready to reinvigorate us. Our primary objective this month in both Georgetown and Pflugerville was to build a refreshed ministry plan. We made lists of the many organizations, meetup groups, and community events that we could possibly get involved with in order to meet new people. We are currently researching what the time and monetary costs would be for these, and are praying over which God would have each of us invest in. This is what I did personally when I first started, and it worked, but have failed to do this again as we begin in these new areas.
Pflugerville had 23 and Georgetown had 15 in services. The most exciting story I can think to tell is from Jim, church planter in Georgetown. His 25 years in pastoral ministry has given him experience in dealing with church members, but he has had to push out of his comfort zone in evangelism out in the world. He has been in conversation with a man named Tolga, a Muslim recently moved from Turkey. As much as I love evangelism, it is even more exciting to see a fellow minister learn and practice that art in such an amazing way. Pray for these two areas, that God would open doors to make new relationships so that the gospel might abound more and more.

Victor Rice

The averages for Shiloh MBC in San Antonio were: 13 in SS; 25 in MW; 14 in EW; and 17 in WE. Our offering was $2,972.08 with $395.98 given to missions, and $1,200 paid on rent.
We start by giving the Lord thanks and for all the prayers and support that is given. The month of September has been busy with blessings of new visitors and we are picking up two of our Senior Manor nursing home residents that have wheel chairs and bringing them to the Sunday morning services. One Sunday one of the residents called and said no need picking them up for he was coming in his motorized wheel chair and he brought a visitor who was also in a wheel chair and he brought food for the potluck. Just think if all the members would do that we would be very large.
We bought $1,500 of food, water, personal hygiene supplies and clothes, and we had two of our sisters at the church, one with City Bank call center and her staff brought items they collected and brought to the church also. We were able to fill our Yukon and trailer with supplies that we took to two churches to hand out for relief from hurricane Harvey. We drove to Mission Bend MBC where Bro. Sanchez is with the Hispanic work and handed out supplies to the community. Then we traveled to Spring TX., to Woodglen MBC, where there was much damage, and handed supplies out to the community. We talked with and prayed with each church. We had many Birthdays in September, which I am truly thankful. My wife’s birthday was on the 28th, and she has been through a lot this year, but I feel this next year will be a great year for her.
We are having some guests ask about joining the church, one in a wheel chair that will have to be baptized and she has agreed to this, so keep us in prayer as we work all things out.

Leslie Rhea

The averages for Vanderbilt BC in Tyler were: 21 in SS; 35 in MW; and 17 in EW. Our offering was $7,592.76, with $1,253.92 given to missions, and $162.47 paid on loan.
As we approach the end of the mission support year, we wish to express our gratitude of thanks to each and every church who has supported us through your prayers and financial support. You have truly been a blessing to us. We will not be coming asking for support for the coming year as we are making plans to organize after the first of the new year. We believe it is time and the Lord has truly blessed us and continually helped us to reach this point. The old devil has battled us along the way and will continue to do so but with the grace of God we will continue as a church to get the Lord’s work done. We have a very strong nucleus of church people who love the Lord and the church. I am thankful to be their pastor. We will continue to ask your prayers as we also pray for you as we move forward for the Lord. May the Lord continue to bless and strengthen each and every one of His churches in the difficult times of which we live! God bless all of our true churches.

Joe Bozarth

The averages for Fellowship BC in Conroe were: 11 in SS; 12 in MW; 9 in EW; and 12 on WE. Our offering was $3,986.06 with $423.61 given to missions and $2,006.75 paid on loan. They had 1 to join by letter, but then went back to their original church.
We had a very busy month. First, with the Hurricane and then with the flooding. Our property sets near a retention pond adjacent to I-45. The water overflow from the pond came up within twenty feet of the building. Calvary BC at Huffman did not do so well. They had all the furniture destroyed and had to also remove and replace their sheet rock up four feet. All their cabinets in the kitchen and the rest rooms will need to be replaced. Their flooring also will need to be replaced. Bro. Joe Gallegos is the Pastor and he is in the process of treating colon cancer. While taking chemo he is not able to help or even be around those who are working on the building. I have been going over to help two or three days a week. Pray for them and Bro. Gallegos as they recover.
We hosted the Trinity River MBC Association mission rally this past month and enjoyed some from the South Texas Association who also came. Bro. Joel Clay sent 4 men up from Texas City to fellowship and visit with the Mission during the Mission Rally. We hope to see more fellowship from the Hopewell Church in the coming year.

David Smith

The averages for Lifeline BC in Mansfield were: 17 in MW; and 5 in Small Groups. Praise God for 1 saved soul! Our offering was $1,194 with $200 given to missions, and $750 paid on rent.
One Saved! Praise God, one was saved last week. A young man that I have been witnessing to for several months came to church with his fiancé and later during the week received Christ as his Savior. We are very happy for him. The couple are coming to our small group now and we are having a great time sharing the Word, and discipling them.
Mike Starts a Prayer Group at Work! Mike is one of our members, baptized last Easter; he encouraged me to start a prayer group every morning at work. I said, Let’s do it! He helped round up a few people. Now we have 5-10 every morning. We have also started another prayer group. Prayer for these groups so that we can reach them for Christ.
Evelyn our Worship Leader is Writing a Christmas Play! Evelyn is an experienced play writer. We are excited to see what will happen for our Christmas outreach.
Friend Day Preparations Underway! Everyone is looking forward to Friend Day and our BBQ, as well as the beginning of our first missions/revival, which will be led by my son, Jonathan Smith.
Mike begins Video Ministry! Mike has been experimenting with putting our services online in a livestreaming format via Facebook. We have just received our ME-VO Camera and we are excited about what will come of this new ministry.
The SDA church that we rent from have been very kind to us. On several occasions they have made space available for special events we are planning, for free. The Pastor, Sean Harris, is a Jamaican and very cordial. He has always been available to help us and is a great landlord. I’m surprised how evangelical they have become over the years. Praise God!