MBA of Texas August 2017 Mission Reports

MBA of Texas August 2017 Mission Reports

August Beginning Balance: $25,454.91 / Offerings: $18,505.56 / Missionary Support: $15,850 / Designated: Berean Prison Ministry: $100 / Expenses: (Minute Fund & Office expense) $450.82 / Adm. Salary: $2,600 /
August Ending Balance: $24,959.65 / Minute Fund Balance: $4,003.08

Salvations: 0 Baptized: 5 Letter: 3

If your church is in need of a Missionary Request Form, please call me at 903-279-4416 or email me at
Thus far we have received 6 missionary request forms seeking State Funds, and 2 missionary request forms seeking designated funds.
Since November 1st, there have been 41 souls saved, 21 baptized, and 60 have joined the different mission points by baptism, letter, or statement.
In August State Missions was shared with Beacon BC in Odessa; Wyndrock MBC in Abilene; Pursley MBC in Purdon; and 1 church had be canceled due to Hurricane Harvey.

Victor Rice

We are so excited with praises to our almighty God for the blessings that the Lord has added. We were blessed to have 5 baptisms for one service and that was a great feeling, praise the Lord. We are so thankful for Faith MBC for allowing us to use their baptistery and Bro. Warnell, and Bro. and Sis. Duffitt and the Missionary BC members who rejoiced with us in the baptismal service. We also had a return back to school beach outing at Mustang Island last week where we took 15 members. We started out with a vehicle breaking down but two of our members took care and provided extra transportation and one to pull the trailer to get there. The Lord provided a great day and fellowship. We are so grateful to the Lord for blessing us with visitors and having two more asking questions about membership. We give so much thanks for the prayers and support from the ABA Churches of Texas. We close on a sad note that, even though the Lord answered our prayers concerning hurricane Harvey not flooding us with heavy rains, we are praying for our sister churches that were affected by the storm and are ready to help where needed for our Lord is in control.
Praise God for the 5 baptisms, and the 3 added by letter. The averages for Shiloh MBC in San Antonio were: 20 in SS; 24 in MW; and 15 in EW. Our offering was $3,557.81, with $303.73 given to missions and $1,200 paid on rent.

Donald Trussell

Because or ladies wrapped up their “Healed and Set Free” study at the end of July and will not start back until September, our outside Bible Study numbers went down this month, with only the men having Bible Study.
Several weeks ago I started a “God’s Not Dead” study on Wednesday nights, which I will be wrapping up soon. When we are done with this, we plan to start back over this study, but this time conduct it at the Paseo de Paz apartment complex. Please pray that we have a good response to this.
We were able to conduct our Witness Walk on the trail this month, instead of the mall because the weather actually permitted it. We were able to pass out water to several people. Most were exercising in a hurry, but I was able to talk to a handful of people and witness to them. The big outreach that we had planned for August “fell through” because the team who was going to come help us had to cancel. Please remember us in this area, as we try to conduct another big outreach in September.
We have some members who are sick and in need of prayer. Please remember Cindy Reusser, Albert Romon, and Will Snell. My wife, Cindy, is also sick with what the doctor calls “adrenal insufficiency” caused by extreme prolonged stress. She began having trouble with this 6 months ago. Please pray for her. Thank you for your support and prayers!
The averages for Hill Country MBC in Kerrville were: 13 in SS; 13 in MW; and 13 in EW, with 4 in outside Bible Studies. Our offering was $1,041 with $100 given to missions, and $300 paid on rent.

Leland Acker

The name change took effect this month. As of now, Grace Pointe MBC will now be known as Life Point BC. The name change was to alleviate confusion between us, and a local Independent BC known as Grace BC. We have already ordered new signage, have a new facebook page ( and new labels on our blog (
Our attendance is down due to surgeries, illnesses and travel. We expect the attendance to pick back up in the coming weeks. We are beginning door-to-door evangelism this month, and look forward to God blessing our efforts. Thank you for your prayers and support.
The averages for Life Point BC in Early are: 13 in SS; 14 in MW; and 8 in outside Bible Studies. Our offering was $1,912.87, with $150 given to missions, and $300 paid on rent.

Abel Oviedo

It is a great blessing to send an affectionate greeting; we hope in the Lord you all are doing well rejoicing in His abundant blessings. Thank You! For being a blessing to our family and congregation in Mission.
In this month of July we had a total of 17 new visitors, as well as 4 professions of faith and an attendance of 97 in SS, and 75 in SE, and 45 for mid-week. By the grace of God we continue to support 8 missionaries.
In this month we carried out our Vacation Bible School. It was a great blessing! We thank God for all the children who came and we were able to teach them the word of God. The theme for this Bible School was Daniel. It was great to see the children answer the questions after each story and were also able to memorize their memory verse. God is good!
Camargo Tamaulipas: Prayers have been answered. We rejoice in the Lord because He provided a laborer for the work in Camargo, Tamaulipas. The name of the brother is David Garcia. His wife’s name is Patricia and they have two children ages 7 and 12 years. Bro. David has decided to take the work as pastor and currently we are looking for a house for them to rent since they currently live in Monterrey. We ask your prayers for this decision.
Cuba: We are still planning our trip to Cuba from December 2nd to 8th. I will be accompanied by Bro. Jose Poot and our purpose is to bring more Bibles, the projector and a laptop needed. The purpose of our visit was to teach, witness, and share the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord granted us the opportunity to see the great blessing of seeing souls saved for His honor and glory!!

Joe Bozarth

The end of the month came, and came Harvey too. God has so far protected our building and our membership. But, as I write, there are still several days we must endure. Although, it was difficult to watch the hardships of others around us on every side, it was especially difficult for me to postpone services. I have been in the ministry for over fifty years and I have never had to postpone services for more than a couple of other times. We know that we will not see the end of this for some time yet. Our members have been checking with each other every day. I know if there is a need we will jump in and take care of each other.
September will bring some exciting services. Our Mission will entertain the quarterly Mission Rally for Trinity River Missionary Baptist Association. We are looking forward to the visit of the other churches and to share with them what God is doing in Conroe. I’m sure that by then the weather will have settled down to normal. We will need to wait now before we can make any serious plans for our outreach.
The averages for Fellowship MBC in Conroe were: 10 in SS; 12 in MW; and 10 in EW. Our offering was $3,379 with $362.08 given to missions, and $2,006.75 paid on the loan.

David Smith

Well, I guess we all have to experience it, they call it the Summer Slump. Our attendance has not been what I had hoped, but we are gearing up for Fall Fruit.
Friend Day in October: We will be preparing our folks for the biggest outreach of the year, Friend Day, in October. I know it is still a ways off but it takes a lot of planning and preparation.
Christmas Program: Our worship leader, Evelyn, is a gifted play-writer and will be developing our Christmas program for our second outreach of the year. She is excited about it.
Video Ministry: Another member, Mike, is preparing to video the preaching time, and is getting the proper camera equipment to do it.
Possible Special Needs Ministry: We have a lady that is very interested in starting this ministry. She has a lot of experience, and a real heart for this ministry.
Testimonies: Several of our folks are giving their testimonies. This is good experience for them in sharing their faith.
Devotions: One of our men, Schwane, has already given one devotional, and will be doing it again.
Sermon/Media: Another man, Stephen Davis, a student at DBU is my media man and has preached for us in my absence. God is blessing. Amen!
I am so thankful for the TBI students that have come to help me do door-to-door outreach. They are Matthew Thompson, Kuni Oba, and Britt Farley. Britt came out last Sunday, and even though it was raining, we went out and delivered nearly 200 door-hangers.
The average for Lifeline BC in Mansfield was 13 in MW and 4 in small groups. Our offering was $1,229 with $200 given to missions, and paid $600 paid on rent.

Leslie Rhea

Our attendance is still down a little for the month but still very steady. We hope with school starting and the vacation time ending we will pick up in service. We continue to have some illness which is hampering us and ask your prayers for these folks health. Our most recent is Bro. Ricky Clark who leads our singing. We ask prayers for him as he has a punctured lung and is trying to recover. We enjoyed hearing Bro. Terry Woodside in our morning service as he brought a great message. Pray for his ministry. We ask your continued prayers as we continue to move forward in the Lord’s work. We truly have a great bunch of folks at Vanderbilt who love the Lord. We also ask prayers for our kids who have now gone off to college that the Lord would continue to use them for His glory. Again, we thank all of you for your support and prayers.
The averages for Vanderbilt BC in Tyler were 23 in SS; 31 in MW; and 17 in EW. Our offering was $5,147.76, with $751.12 given to missions, and $834.20 for expenses.

Cory Page

What a month. The month began with the addition of a new family to the mission team. James Shields and family moved to the area for an extended internship. His plan is to assist me in every mission point and learn as he hopes to move to Alaska to plant churches in the future. We praise God for this wonderful addition and look forward to both the help and the fellowship.
The work in Georgetown averaged 9 for the month. The work at Pflugerville averaged 20. Between the start of the school year and Hurricane Harvey, we are all doing our best to make new contacts and share the gospel. God is opening doors. It is amazing how people become more receptive to conversation when the weather cools and school starts.
As I write this report, I just returned from Houston. I was blessed to join 2 friends and assist in the rescue efforts. Austin was spared most of the damage. We received just over 10 inches of rain and some wind, but it quickly moved downstream and caused the flooding in the south. I am heartbroken at the devastation, but humbled at the massive numbers of volunteers we encountered in Houston. I pray this opens up many opportunities for the gospel.