MBA of Texas June 2017 Mission Reports

MBA of Texas June 2017 Mission Reports

June Beginning Balance: $22,672.02 / Offerings: $24,736.65 / Missionary Support: $16,000 / Designated: Berean Prison Ministry $100 / Adm. Salary: $2,600 / Expenses: (stamps, envelops) $283.99 / June ending balance: $28,424.68

Salvations: 2

It is that time of the year when Missionary Support Request Forms are sent out before the State Meeting. We sent out Request Forms to 8 of the State Missionaries. If your church is considering supporting a missionary in Texas, now is the time to request a Missionary Support Form. Call me at 903-279-4416, or email me at These need to be returned to the Secretary / Treasurer by September 15, 2017.

State missions was shared with Calvary BC in Henderson, and at the Bethlehem Mission Rally held at Calvary MBC in Silsbee. Many contacts were also made at the ABA Meeting held in Daytona Beach, Florida. I also filled in at Overton MBC in Overton.

I want to thank all the churches that support the MBA of Texas. Thanks to you, and some who sent special offerings, the funds of the MBA are slowly recovering.

Donald Trussell

Our June Witness Walk had to be held in the River Hills Mall because of several days of high heat indexes. We were able to pass out invitations to our VBS on that day. We are having VBS on Sunday nights through the middle of July and ask for your prayers that we reach both children and adults who need the Gospel.

Thanks for your prayers for Sara and Jason. The Lord is working in their lives in a mighty way and Sara has spent a lot of time in our home and has even joined us in church.

In the way of prayer requests, please remember our member, Albert Romon, who has had several Lupus flairs in the past month and also has injured his shoulder and in need of surgery. He deals with a lot of pain, which has interfered with plans to baptize him on more than one occasion. Also, Cindy Reusser who has survived 3 types of cancer, as she goes for more tests and has had several painful days, and her new husband Mike, as he lovingly cares for her. Our new prospect, Will, is in need of prayer because he has cancer and has been really sick from the chemotherapy. Please remember the people I have witnessed to and ministered to this month. Two young men had several questions about salvation, but never made a decision for the Lord, and also a man (Ed) who I talk to on a daily basis has lots of questions about the origin of the universe, God, and morality. He has some really strange ideas & beliefs, so it has been really hard to convince him, even when I take him to the Word of God.

Your prayers and support are very appreciated. May God bless you all!

The averages for Hill Country MBC in Kerrville were: 13 in SS; 13 in MW; 11 in EW; and 8 in outside Bible Studies. Our offering was $875.35, with $225 given to missions and $300 paid on rent.

Leland Acker

Grace Pointe enjoyed solid, consistent attendance during June, and we made progress toward completing our building. We have drywall hung in all the class rooms, but we still need to hang drywall in the restrooms, some of the smaller areas around windows and doors, the warming kitchen and the vaulted area of the sanctuary.

We purchased our suspended ceiling for a price of $11,000. We hope to hang that before the summer is out, and install electrical and plumbing fixtures. At that point, we’ll still need parking lot and sidewalk work.

We are still in need of funds to complete this project debt free. Special offerings can be mailed to PO Box 3134, Early, TX 76803.

Please be in prayer for us. There is a sweet spirit among the people and the congregation is committed to following God’s will. But, we have some big decisions to make in the coming month regarding our request for support from the MBA of Texas, request for Local Mission Development funds, and a possible name change to “Life Point Baptist Church.” I anticipate that all will go well, but prayers are always appropriate. Thank you for your prayer and support.

The averages for Grace Pointe MBC in Early were: 18 in SS; 20 in MW; and 10 in outside Bible Studies. Our offering was $2,054.76, with $150 given missions, and $300 paid on rent.

Leslie Rhea

Our attendance for the month has been down. We have had illness still hanging on and also many were gone on vacation. We were very saddened this month by the passing of Brother Bob Fox. Please keep his wife and family in your prayers. He was a very humble person who loved the Lord and let others know it and he loved his family and country very much. He was such an encouragement to us all and will be greatly missed.

We are looking forward to Texas Camp #1 and pray many souls will be saved. Please continue to pray for us and may God bless each of our sister churches.

The averages for Vanderbilt BC in Tyler were: 20 in SS; 30 in MW; and 12 in EW. Our offering was $4,745 with $680.08 given to missions.

David Smith

Praise God for some summer help! Bro. Kunihiko Oba, from TBI, has come to do outreach with me twice during the month of June. We have distributed hundreds of door-hangers and made several new contacts.

Recently, Lifeline Church had its first Business Meeting. It was a good experience for all of the members present to see how things are done.

During the month of June we also observed the Lord’s Supper for the very first time as a church. It was a blessing to see those present growing in the Lord.

Pray for our summer outreach program to reach more souls.

In July one of our newest members, Schwane Martin, is being wed to his finance, Evelyn, during our Sunday morning worship. This will be a first wedding for me during Sunday worship. We want to help this couple and at the same time give our church a real boost in attendance. We may reach some of the guests to the wedding. Looking for a house full.

The averages for Lifeline BC in Mansfield were: 14 in MW; and 7 in Small Groups. Our offering was $1,562, with $200 given to missions, and $600 paid on rent.

Cory Page

There is very little to report this month in the way of ministry. This was the month of Typhus. After a bout of what we believed to be strep at the end of May, I laid down with fever on June the first. We thought it was a resurgence of strep, so I stayed in the bed for a week with fever and severe headaches while taking the wrong medication. Only by chance did my lips swell, which required a trip to the emergency room. The doctors noticed an anomaly in my blood work, which finally led to the correct diagnosis: typhus. I was severely dehydrated, had lost 20 pounds, and had been suffering from meningitis type headaches. The correct medication worked quickly, but it took another few weeks to recover from the symptoms and effects they had on my body. As I write this on June 28th, I am still easily winded. Praise God, I am healing more and more every day. Thank you so much for all who kept up with this situation through social media and sent words of encouragement or prayers. It is amusing to know that Austin is exotic in its beliefs AND its diseases!

Pray for us as we prepare for two mission teams coming in July. We are a little behind on preparation, for obvious reasons, but things are coming together nicely. Pray that God would give us solid contacts.

Victor Rice

We start off with giving our great Lord thanks for His faithfulness for when we ourselves fail and great blessing even though we do not deserve it.

This month I am overwhelmed by what the Lord is doing. We had one of our visitors that comes to Sunday morning Worship, a husband and dad of two, come forward after receiving Christ as Savior and requested baptism. He is also a co-worker that works with me and I am blessed to watch as the Lord is working and him responding to the Lord. We are praying for his wife who doesn’t know the Lord but has asked me to share what just happened to her husband, so we are sharing and teaching, knowing God will reveal Himself to her heart. The other is from a Deacon family that moved to San Antonio and has been visiting Shiloh and their youngest daughter made a profession of salvation after evening services.

The blessings do not stop there for we also received a check from Parkway BC in Longview for over $1,400 and have received $755 from Meadowbrook MBC in Wills Point.

We are so thankful for the Lord’s love that is bestowed upon us. We also attended the National ABA meeting in Florida and were blessed to hear great messages, fellowship with great pastors and wives, and had great response at our booth. (Don’t know if it was the chips and salsa, just kidding.) It was great having my wife travel with me and seeing God doing great things with her recovery. She still has more healing to go, but is good. We thank you all and love you all.

Praise God for 2 salvations. The averages for Shiloh MBC in San Antonio were: 12 in SS; 23 in MW; and 11 in EW. Our offerings was $4,639.21 with $311.27 given to missions, and $1,200 paid on rent.

Joe Bozarth

June has been a month of funerals. Three friends passed this month. To attend or participate in Houston it takes most of the day, especially when you pass completely across the city. We lost good people this month and they will be greatly missed.

We are in the process of planning our dedication of the building and an open house for the community at the same time. Perhaps it will be in late September after the weather begins to cool. Then we can have some games and cooking on the outside also. Thank you for your prayers and support.

The averages for Fellowship BC in Conroe were: 13 in SS; 15 in MW; and 10 in EW. Our offering was $3,458 with $346 given to missions and $2,006.75 paid on the loan.