Missionary Reports for February 2013

MBA of Texas Report for February 2013

Beginning Balance: ……………………………………….$12,696.85
Offerings: …………………………………………………$17,499.30
Missionary Support: ……………………………………..($14,815.00)
Administrative Salaries: …………………………………($ 2,600.00)
Office Expense:(stamps, Easter Poster) ……………….($ 420.41)
Ending Balance: ………………………………………….$12,360.74
Minute Fund Expense (Paper for printing)........…………($5,000.00)

Souls won: 27 Added by statement: 6

God is so good, and we are so blessed to get to visit with the churches supporting the MBA of Texas. We have seen those with a burden for lost souls. We have heard the concerns of those burdened with the direction our nation is turning. We have also experienced the joy of those excited about missions.
During February we attended the Faith Promise Mission Conference at Nevill’s Chapel MBC in Mt. Pleasant. We also attended the Central Texas Mission Conference in Richardson, and the Tri-County Association Mission Rally in Palestine. We have visited with Bassett Road MBC, Memory Lane MBC, Overton MBC, and Amazing Grace MBC in Cleveland.
We also visited with Vanderbilt Baptist Church and Bro. Les Rhea. The church is going well and they are adding to their number. We also visited with Bro. Joe Bozarth and Fellowship MB Mission in Conroe. The mission is actively looking for land or a building for a permanent place of worship.
If you would like me to visit with your church, give me a call at 903-834-0212. Remember the mailing address for the MBA of Texas is: P.O. Box 99, Overton TX. 75684. May God bless you as individuals and as churches!


Souls Saved 0 Baptisms 0 Letter 0 Statement 2
Sunday School 13 Morning Worship 18 Evening Worship 12
Church Offering $603.00 Gave to Missions $150.00 Rent $300.00

February was a great month for us at Hill Country MBC. The young couple who began visiting with us last month came forward asking for church membership on the 3rd. We were also blessed to have one of the young men, who left us last fall, return to us. The members of Hill Country welcomed him back with open arms. He has faithfully attended since coming back and has even been serving by setting up our new sound system and running it for us during services. Praise God, prayers are being answered! Please continue to lift us up in prayer and come see us when you are in the area.


Souls Saved 0 Baptisms 0 Letter 0 Statement 0
Morning Worship 16 Evening Worship 14
Church Offering $1,145.95 Gave to Missions $150.00 Rent $600.00

There are really good things happening in Brownwood, they just haven’t translated to better attendance on Sundays. We have a vibrant youth program happening on Wednesday nights where we are seeing as many as 25 kids in grades K-10 attending. We are studying the Ministry Mall’s “One Truth” curriculum with the teens, and they really responded to the lessons on creation and the Bible. We have a lead on another van that might be donated to us. Our work with the kids is opening doors for us to minister to their entire families. Sunday attendance is down due to some hospitalizations and more of our members becoming “shut-ins”. I still feel that our ministry to folks who do not currently attend will eventually bear fruit, and I believe our Sunday numbers will come back up, as will our offerings. The radio ministry continues to go well. I continue to get phone calls from people who listen every Sunday morning. Eventually, I feel this will bear fruit as well. The Texas Oil Boom is impacting Brownwood. We are expected to get a new manufacturing facility that will produce materials for “fracking”. The new plant will employ 200 people. Thank you for your prayers and support.


God blessed TMD in February with some exciting events. We began the month with a ballot mail-out to all our supporters. There were four requests for the second quarter funds. On Saturday the 16th my pastor and I went to Cleveland, TX, and presented Amazing Grace MBC with a check for $27,600.00 to be used for their building repair. They were very grateful to our supporters. I was also blessed to represent TMD in three churches this month: Liberty MBC of Blodgett, TX; Maple Grove MBC of Minden, TX; and Memorial MBC of Rusk, TX. I am very thankful for the support of Texas missions.


Souls Saved 0 Baptisms 0 Letter 0 Statement 0
Sunday School 19 Morning Worship 29 Evening Worship 15
Church Offering $3,441.68 Gave to Missions $400.00

During February we were glad to see first-time guests as well as return guests. Lum has been visiting with us regularly for the last month or so. She is a native of Burma and just this month took the necessary steps to become a U.S. citizen. We are very thankful for Lum and her choice to worship with us at Texas Avenue MBC. Thank you for your support for Texas mission work. Please pray for us as we serve in this area of Texas.


Souls Saved 4 Baptisms 0 Letter 0 Statement 4
Sunday School 75 Morning Worship 94 Evening Worship 65
Sunday School $3,500.00 Gave to Missions $490.00 Paid on Property $653.00

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! We thank God for your support in His work. By His grace and mercy we had many great blessings. We rejoice in the Lord for all the new visitors (23) that keep coming to our services. Please pray for them that one day they may come to His saving glory. We continue congregating on Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m. and on Sundays at 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Keep us in your prayers as we keep laboring for the Lord.


Souls Saved 0 Baptisms 0 Letter 0 Statement 0
Sunday School 13 Morning Worship 21 Evening Worship 18
Church Offering $4,739.00 Gave to Missions $1,577.00

Greetings from Heartland MBC! Thank you for your prayers, financial support, and words of encouragement. We had a busy month in February. Dr. Mallozzi was with us on February 6. We had a great service. God has blessed us with faithful people. Much physical work was accomplished this month. TMB came and installed the baptistery steps. Sunday night, February 24, we baptized Sis. Janet Wilson. We bought more chairs and tables for the building. We are working on other projects. Each month we have a nursing home service at Pine Tree Lodge. For the month we had 15 visitors. We have many prayer requests – sickness and many special prayer requests for lost sinners and the unchurched in our area. We are pleased to announce the dedication of God’s building on April 13th at 2:00 p.m. Please come as we give thanks and praise to the Lord for His awesome blessings!


Greetings of grace and peace to all my fellow laborers in Christ! February was a short month in number of days, but it was a very good month in the number of souls saved (23) and the volume of mail that was sent out. We now have 60 saved for the year 2013 and are praying for 300 for the year. We now have had a total of 3,119 since this work began. We are thankful for all those who have joined in with this much needed ministry. I was hospitalized for three days this month with double pneumonia, hypertension, abnormal heart rhythm, anemia, chest pain, acid reflux disease, esophageal stricture, disease of the esophagus, uncontrolled high blood pressure and a diaphragmatic hernia. They want me to have surgery on the diaphragmatic hernia at Baylor in Dallas ASAP. Please pray for me in this matter as I have no health insurance anymore and I make just enough to put me over the income for medicaid or medicare. I thank God for the great care that I was given and feel much stronger now for the surgery that lies ahead. I thank God for this work that I can still do for the Lord and to serve my fellow man. You know if you want to serve the Lord, then you must serve your fellow man. Please pray for this work and my health problems. Let us now work in the Lord’s field of harvest as the work is great and the workers are few. Let us be about our Father’s business.


Souls Saved 0 Baptisms 0 Letter 0 Statement 0
Sunday School 29 Morning Worship 35 Evening Worship 21
Church Offering $4,673.00 Gave to Missions $984.03 Paid on Property $2,833.00

I wish to thank everyone for their prayers and support. The Lord has continued to bless us as we see visitors come our way. I pray God places it on their heart to join us. Please continue to pray for us. We were happy to have Bro. and Sis. Gilbert visit with us. Pray for them in their work.


Souls Saved 0 Baptisms 0 Letter 0 Statement 0
Sunday School 6 Morning Worship 8 Evening Worship 6
Church Offering $192.00 Gave to Missions $45.00 Rent $900.00

We are thankful for your prayers and support. We notice Satan trying to distract. We have one visitor who had a close friend who was in drug rehab. Someone took a drug into the building and she took it and overdosed. She is now brain dead. She also had another friend (a young man) that was found dead in his home. Please keep Michele and the victims’ families in prayer. We were blessed to preach at Macedonia MBM in Mission, TX, for morning service, and then preached at Mt. Calvary in Pharr for evening services. We thank the Lord for His Greatness He has shown us.


Souls Saved 0 Baptisms 0 Letter 0 Statement 0
Sunday School 9 Morning Worship 10 Evening Worship 7
Church Offering $899.00 Gave to Missions $99.80 Rent $1,025.00

Our thanks goes out to Tomball MBC for their gift of pews, furniture and some equipment. Our little sanctuary now looks like church. Bro. Curtis Gilbert and his wife visited the 24th and, of course, we had the smallest attendance since we began. He preached a great message and those who were present enjoyed the visit. We toured the area that I feel the Lord is leading us to and Bro. Gilbert had some good ideas about the properties we looked at and how they might be utilized. A fresh set of eyes sometimes helps greatly. Thanks for those who support and God bless you.