Missionary Reports for January 2013

MBA of Texas Report for January 2013

Beginning balance: …………………………………………… $16,148.54
Offerings: ………………………………………………………..$22,958.90
Missionary Support:……………………………………………. ($14,815.00)
Administrative Salaries:
(including $5,000.00 bonus to Bro. Reed) ……………… ($10,200.00)
Travel & Office Expense:
(Mission TX. (Reeds &Gilberts))(Brownwood & Abilene) ($1,395.59)
Ending balance:…………………………………………………. $12,696.85

Souls won: 27 …. Added by letter: 3 …. Added by statement: 1

The New Year has started off with a bang. The transition of moving the location of State Missions, and learning the programs has gone well. I want to thank Bro. Marion and Sis. Nancy Reed for their much needed assistance.
We have visited Unity BC in Texarkana, Alto MBC, Heartland BC in Longview, Macedonia MBM in Mission, and A New Beginning BC in Mission. We also attended the Southwest Association and Grace Pointe MBC in Brownwood, and moved down the road to Abilene to visit with Texas Avenue MBC. We will probably visit with the rest of the state missions within the next few months, as well as have the pleasure of sharing state missions with other churches.
Some great news for the month is: Macedonia MBM held the dedication of their new building, and had a large number on Saturday, and in attendance for Sunday Morning services. Also Heartland BC was blessed with an offering to pay off their building, and also cut their request for State support in half.
The funds for the MBA of Texas continue to go down, but the offerings for the month increased. Thank each of you for supporting the MBA of Texas.


We just praise God for His wonderful loving grace and mercy. We were blessed with a total of 22 to start the year 2013 off with. We are praying that God will give us over 300 souls as He did last. With your help we are sending out the Gospel into some of the most fertile soil, and many respond to it. For many it is the first time that they have ever had time to study the Gospel and to hear it in its purity. We now have a total of 3,098 saved since this work began. Please hold us up in your prayers in the coming year that we might reach many who are perishing. If you or your church would desire us to come to present the work and a short sermon, we would be more than glad to as long as the funds allow. God bless you all. Let’s determine in our hearts to win more souls while it is still day. Jesus is coming soon! Even so Lord Jesus come quickly!


Souls Saved 0 Baptisms 0 Letter 0 Statement 1
Sunday School 12 Morning Worship 21 Evening Worship 15
Church Offering $3,419.00 Gave to Missions $508.00

God continues to bless Heartland Baptist Church. Numbers do not always show God’s blessings, even though they are important. We were blessed with one addition by statement this month! God continues to send us visitors. We had 14 return visitors and 5 first time visitors! This month God blessed us with an anonymous offering that helped us to pay off the loan on the building. We are now working on enlarging the parking lot with rock that is donated to our church. February will be a busy month with Dr. Mallozzi with us on February 6, a Valentine Banquet on February 13 and Bro. Alan Mayton being ordained on February 1 at our church. Pray for this family in his first pastorate at Bethel MBC of Tatum. We have a number of special prayer requests. Thank you for your prayerful and financial support!


Souls Saved 0 Baptisms 0 Letter 0 Statement 0
Sunday School 14 Morning Worship 23 Evening Worship 10
Church Offering $2,644.70 Gave to Missions $400.00

Sickness has taken its toll on our church family during January. Please pray for us. Our ladies began a new Bible study that meets twice per month on Monday nights. This also led to our ladies sponsoring a project to help our TBI students families with a good amount of groceries and other household items from our pantry. Our students are a real blessing to our church family and we want to be a blessing to them. On Sunday, January 27, we were honored to have Bro. Curtis Gilbert and Sis. Ruth in our evening service and fellowship. Bro. Curtis shared with us about state missions and brought a great message. We are looking forward to working with the Gilberts as they serve in the office of the Secretary/Treasurer of the MBA of Texas. Please pray for us as we continue reaching out to this area. God bless you for your interest in mission work. We thank Liberty MBC for their faithful generous support. Thank you for supporting Texas mission work.


Souls Saved 5 Baptisms 0 Letter 3 Statement 0
Sunday School 66 Morning Worship 95 Evening Worship 50
Church Offering $2,876.00 Gave to Missions $300.00 Paid on Property $653.00

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. The month of January has been a GREAT blessing. This month the Lord blessed us with a total of 25 new visitors, 5 professions of faith and a record attendance of 95. The Lord granted us the opportunity to have our Dedication Service. All the honor and glory be to our almighty God, for all His abundant blessings He has shed over this beloved work. We were blessed with the attendance of our brethren from Unity MBC and pastor, Bro. Ray Williams; Bro. Marion Reed and wife Sis. Nancy; Bro. Curtis Gilbert and his wife Ruth. We also appreciate and thank Bro. Charles Flowers for bringing us the message. It was a great blessing! May the Lord bless you brethren for all you do in His work. Please keep us in your prayers as we continue laboring in His work and that many souls may come to His saving grace.


Souls Saved 0 Baptisms 0 Letter 0 Statement 0
Sunday School 12 Morning Worship 16 Evening Worship 12
Church Offering $959.00 Gave to Missions $225.00 Rent $300.00

January was a month of many ups and downs, but the Lord continued to bless us in a mighty way. My family and I fought the flu for pretty much the first ten days of the new year. That is why I am so grateful that I only had to miss one Wednesday night because of sickness. Several of our members have been out at different times due to illness also. On the 20th, we had two first time visitors: a young couple who had just moved from San Antonio. We have been so blessed to have them in all our services since then and the young man has even sung specials twice and has a beautiful voice. It has been really encouraging to have them around, as they are so willing to help. We, and they, are praying about the Lord’s will as to where He will have them join. We ask that you pray for Robert and Thea. I was saddened on the 22nd to find out that a dear friend, Mr. Bill Barbee, who was both a mentor and father figure to me, had passed away. Hill Country members were so understanding and helped us with financing and covered us with prayers as we made a last-minute trip to Mississippi for the funeral. On the 27th, Bro. James Tatum brought a sermon from Matthew 15 in our morning services. I am so thankful that he was willing to “stand in the gap” when I was unable to preach. On another positive note, some of our young people came back for our morning services that same Sunday. Thank you for supporting missions in the MBA of Texas. May God bless you all.


Souls Saved 0 Baptisms 0 Letter 0 Statement 0
Morning Worship 16 Evening Worship 17
Church Offering $1,327.43 Gave to Missions $250.00 Rent $600.00

January was an awesome month. We hosted the Southwest Association Mission Rally and Ladies Auxiliary meeting on January 26. We had 49 in attendance, heard great preaching from Bro. Curtis Gilbert, and raised approximately $250 for state missions. Jessica presented a program on “An Invitation to Fall in Love with Christ.” I led the men’s meeting with a discussion about state missions, particularly concerning the need for mission work in the areas that will be impacted by the Cline Shale oil boom in West Texas. Our Wednesday night programs are booming. Average Wednesday night attendance is 30, with our high attendance being 32 on January 9. Thank you for your prayers and support.


Souls Saved 0 Baptisms 0 Letter 0 Statement 0
Sunday School 8 Morning Worship 9 Evening Worship 9
Church Offering $943.00 Gave to Missions $114.00 Paid for Rent $1,025.00

Once again Justin Gatlin, Youth Minister at Unity MBC in Richwood, Texas, came with eleven of his youth and several adults and helped knock on doors and pass out flyers. From that effort we had one new first time visitor. Like a lot of the other visitors, she visited one time and as yet has not been back, but I feel confident that she will return. The mission is encouraged and there are visitors in almost every Sunday morning service. I thank God for those who visit and I know that soon many will become faithful. Thanks to those who support us and those who pray for us.


Souls Saved 0 Baptisms 0 Letter 0 Statement 0
Sunday School 30 Morning Worship 37 Evening Worship 22
Church Offering $6,190.54 Gave to Missions $755.95 Paid on Property $2,833.00

The flu and other ailments have taken their toll on us, but we are marching on by God’s grace. He continues to bless us. I thank all of you for your prayers and support. I ask your continued prayers as we see many being answered. Again, continue to pray for our visitors. May God truly bless all His true churches.


Souls Saved 0 Baptisms 0 Letter 0 Statement 0
Sunday School 12 Morning Worship 12 Evening Worship 7
Church Offering $270.00 Gave to Missions $45.00 Rent $900.00

The month of January has brought much illness that has affected the visitors. We also see that since the holidays some visitors are choosing to work on Sundays to make up funds. We are using these setbacks to teach what the Lord would have done. We were blessed going to Grace Pointe MBC for the Southwest Association Mission meeting. Keep us in prayer as Satan tries to get in.


I cannot believe it, we are one month into 2013. I was able to do some traveling even though I spent two weeks at home recuperating from a fall. PTL! I had no broken bones. I did go to Deer Park and celebrate their first anniversary in their permanent building. We had a wonderful time with 200 in attendance and Bro. Bill Kuykendall bringing a challenging message. I was able also to attend the Southwestern Mission Rally in Brownwood. It was very enjoyable, well attended, and convicting as they discussed their desire to do more evangelizing of western Texas. While there my pastor and I spent the day with Missionary Acker and visited the site of their debt-free land and future building site. Great location! I ended the month with spending a very enjoyable day working with Texas Mission Builders in Shelbyville, Texas.