Joe Bozarth

Joe Bozarth


I was born July 28, 1935 at Lamar, MO. I grew up in Oklahoma where my father owned a small broom manufacturing company. Needless to say, I can still make a broom but they are not much needed anymore. I was saved in 1950 under the leadership of Walter Gilliam at Billy Hooten Memorial Methodist Church. Bro. Gillam was well known in Oklahoma for his work with the young people of the day and I count it a privilege that he understood my conviction and took me down the Roman Road where I was saved by grace through faith. Later in 1963, I was baptized by the authority of Bethel Landmark Missionary Baptist Church of Chotaw, OK. Bro. Jimmy Moore was the pastor. I entered Seminary at Oklahoma Missionary Baptist Institute and Seminary mid term in 1965 in order to become a better Sunday School teacher. I then surrendered to preach in July 1965. I continued in Seminary for the next couple of years and was called to be Pastor at First Landmark Missionary Baptist Church in Hugo, OK, where I was ordained in January 1967.

I eventually graduated from the Oklahoma School while it was a College so I have a four year Bachelor Degree in Applied Ministries. I have since earned both a Master and Doctorate at Heritage Baptist Institute. Further, I have completed courses concerning Chaplaincy, both with ICPC and also Southwestern Seminary of Dallas/Fort Worth, and with San Jac College a course in Critical Incident Management. I served as Chaplain both on the Dickinson Police Force and at Main Land Hospital in Texas City.

All together, I have been Pastor of eight churches in Oklahoma and Texas and now one mission. My last church was Baker Drive Baptist Church in Dickinson, TX where I served as Pastor for fourteen years.

My wife, Carolyn, and I have been married for over twenty-six years and together we have seven children. I have four kids and she has two living and one deceased. I have served on the Board of Directors of the American Baptist Credit Union for twelve years and am currently Chairman of the Board of Directors. Also, I am a Past President of Heritage Baptist Institute and am now one of the Trustees and still teach at Heritage.